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THC Dragon Balls: Kamehameha Weed

If you are a huge fan of cannabis and a regular consumer, you might have heard of the new trend called thc dragon balls that resembles the very popular anime’s magical orbs. 

So, what, exactly, is the Kamehameha weed? It is actually a pure cannabis extract that is processed to remove all of its impurity. This leaves pure cannabinoids, which contains all the good stuff that cannabis contains. 

What are the thc dragon balls, and who made it? 

The thc dragon balls are made from 99% THC from the terpenes of cannabis extract. This was made by X-tracted Labs based in Seattle. The THC concentrate, which has a golden and crystal-clear color, is then poured into a ball-shaped clear glass or orb, which creates its stunning look that is very similar to the popular anime Dragon Ball Z, hence the name of this product. 

Its entire process, however, and how it is completely made is still a secret from X-tracted Labs. But what people know about it is that it contains the purest form of THC that weighs in a total of three kilograms or 3,000 grams. Its weight is as heavy as an infant. 

If you want to dig more about the thc dragon balls, then you came to the right post because we will be discussing and understanding how this cannabis puree is changing the industry and how it is being used by cannabis lovers. 

What is Terpene? And What Makes It Relevant to the thc dragon balls? 

For those who are not familiar with terpene, maybe it is time for you to learn about it because this is a crucial ingredient in making the thc dragon balls. 

Terpene, by definition, is the organic compound that is responsible for producing a plant’s resin glands. This is found in most plants, especially cannabis. If you’d notice, the aromatic smell and flavor of cannabis come from its terpenes. 

Terpene’s uniqueness and its entire potential is highly recognized and valued in the cannabis industry. In a lot of cases, terpenes are used to extract the purest cannabinoid solution to create an essential oil that is used in making the thc dragon balls. However, this does not entirely mean that terpenes won’t be separated completely, as it can be added to the puree if the manufacturer wants to. X-tracted labs included terpenes in their famous thc dragon balls.

They decided to include terpenes in their very popular product so that they can gain more control over the process and the overall effects of the concentrate on the consumer that uses it. 

The final product, which is the 99% concentrate and pure THC, will be mixed with terpenes so that it can amplify the effects of different strains once it is combined with the puree. Depending on the preferred strain, it will surely provide the consumer with different kinds of psychoactive effects, aroma, and flavor once they use the concentrate. 

How do they make the thc dragon balls? 

The thc dragon balls are usually made from different strains, or sometimes, they use one specific strain in extracting the pure concentrate from the plant itself. The extraction’s entire process leaves no impurities behind as the makers from X-tracted Labs want to preserve all of the terpenes good stuff that provides the consumer the best benefits they can get from cannabis including the psychoactive effects, the aroma, the flavor, the smell of the smoke, the euphoric high, along with its therapeutic benefits. 

The final product is an amazing oil extract that is not just stunning in appearance but also contains the best cannabis hash oil that you can consume in the market. 

Does it control the effects and flavors of cannabis? 

Terpenes, by nature, contains a volatile number of hydrocarbons that give different cannabis strains its distinct aroma and flavor that is unique to each other. It works in synergy with the THC and CBD along with other cannabinoids that level up the psychoactive effects and benefits of cannabis. Terpenes are considered a valuable product in the cannabis industry; that is why X-tracted Labs decided to use it for their thc dragon balls. 

Just like what is mentioned above, it modifies the effects of the strains that are used to extract the concentrate in a way that it controls the effects as well as flavors of it. The terpenes are being reintroduced to the extract after it has been mixed so that the final product has finer taste, aroma, and psychoactive effects. 

Some consumers that tried using the concentrate inside these dragon balls say that they tasted different flavors that come in hints after being dabbed. Some say that they are like smoking a sweet and fruity cannabis strain, but it has a different high and relaxation after. So it is best to enjoy it is through dabbing otherwise.

Thanks to technology, X-tracted Labs was able to pull a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy cannabis today. This illustrates that cannabis’s benefits can be enhanced even more through this method of extraction and combination with terpenes. 

How can you use the thc dragon balls? 

According to X-tracted Labs, there are four main ways to consume this amazing cannabis product. You can either use a vaporizer, smoke it using your preferred bong or pipe, or dab it. The thc dragon balls are basically hash oil, but it is made from popular and high-quality strains, and basically, it can be consumed just like any other hash oil. It is just in its purest form, making it a luxury product in the cannabis world. 

To learn more about the best ways to enjoy the thc dragon balls, you can choose to check out an Online Dispensary Canada if you live in the country. Alternatively, here is a detailed list:

Dab Rigs

The THC dragon balls are considered as one of the best cannabis products in the world, not just because of its appearance but its terpene content that is just very potent and pure. The best way for you to enjoy it is through dabbing, which is the most efficient also because it uses heat to properly burn the oil. 

Rolling a Joint

Also, you can use the oil by spreading it across different kinds of paper used for rolling so that you can enjoy a highly-concentrated oil that you can pair up with your regular weed. 

Vaping It

This is also one good way to enjoy the THC dragon balls. However, many experts say that it is the least effective to ingest this valuable concentrate. This is because the majority of vaporizes in the market fail to heat up and reach a certain temperature that is good enough for the consumer to benefit everything that the terpene and the concentrate can offer. 


Also, if you’re not totally into smoking it, you can ingest it by mixing it with your space cake, brownies, or anything that you can drink or eat. All you need to do is just a teaspoon or a tablespoon of the concentrate, but you have to consume it moderately because it is extra potent, and you might not enjoy getting too high. 

How much does it cost to get the thc dragon balls? 

The thc dragon balls are not actually for sale; however, you can purchase a smaller amount of the concentrate inside it for a single dab. Its average price for one gram or a single dab of thc dragon ball is $60 to $100. Of course, you can purchase more grams if you want to. 

If you’re really planning to purchase one thc dragon ball, well, this will surely cost you a fortune. Since one thc dragon ball contains 3,000 grams of 99% THC concentrate it is valued between $100,000 to $150,000 US Dollars. 

Final Words

The thc dragon balls are a product of customizable solutions that provide individuals to apply and modify a product that fits their personal preferences, which further enhances its quality. Then it truly holds relevance in the future of cannabis. As you are already aware of, the main catalyst that brings enhancement to the pure concentrate of hash oil is the terpenes mixed to it that acts as an enhancer to the flavor, aroma, and psychoactive effects of this product. 

However, these compounds have the ability to interact in different ways with cannabinoids as well as other constituents in a single cannabis plant that resulted in various benefits a consumer can get. Because of this method used in producing a concentrate mixed with terpenes, it is possible in the medical side of cannabis to further develop new medicinal products in the near future. 

What you are witnessing in the cannabis industry about the thc dragon balls is just the beginning, while its full spectrum of possibilities is yet to be discovered. 

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