Tangie x Chocolope Marijuana Seeds


Tangie x Chocolope Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20 percent. This is a very energetic, focused, and happy strain with chocolate, citrus, lemon, or earthy flavors that will surely get you hooked. It is a beginner strain that grows in almost all environments but it prefers a temperate to sunny growing climate.

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More About Tangie x Chocolope (fem)

An Incredible Taste and Scent of Sativa

A chocolatey and citrusy scent best demonstrates the alluring fragrance emitted by Tangie x Chocolope. More than its fragrance, it implies that the strain has terpenes with essential medicinal benefits unique from CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

Tangie is an offspring of Skunk and California Orange. Dubbed by such name because of its scent that is similar to tangerine, Tangie x Chocolope is a euphoric strain. Along with it is the Chocolope that completes the genotype of this strain.

Tangie x Chocolope is 80 percent Sativa with a growth pattern that is influenced by Indica. Some of the instant benefits include vigor and being less selective. Furthermore, it is a small to medium-sized plant that thrives indoors even if space is confined. Its most outstanding trait, though, is the short flowering period, which is around nine weeks as compared to other varieties that take over 12 weeks.


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