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Seeds Grower in Spain

Spanish are great in growing seeds. They breed their own seeds, and produce several outdoor crops a year. There are many fantasies that bounce through our brain when we think about Spain such as the picture perfect white stucco houses overlooking sunny secluded beaches, gypsy flamenco dancers, rich red wine and all night parties.

An escalating number of takers are living out these fantasies in this land of sun and fun. Super smoke is supplied by a swelling web of sun worshipping outdoor growers that traditionally breed their own seeds. The sun shines virtually year round in this grower’s paradise, located on the Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe. The West and Southern coasts enjoy the mild influence of the Mediterranean Sea. Natural inland microclimates keep temperatures warm enough to cultivate 6 to 10 months of the year.

The northern coast is influenced by the chilling Atlantic Ocean, there is more rainfall and it’s much cooler and greener. Through free sunlight and liberal laws, plants grew up successfully unlike many other countries, plant-loving gardeners are not persecuted in Spain. Outdoor growing in Spain presents many different challenges and is much different than indoor cultivation. Finding a safe place to grow with good midday sun is the first concern. The sun-baked clay soil is the next obstacle to overcome. Most of the growers of seeds grow their plants in the back yard, on the balcony or terrace. The fact that there is no big commercial marijuana business in Spain, growers in Spain grow plants to provide for themselves and friends. These seeds originated from plants they grew for a few generations, or from buds that got them high.

But there are some growers who mistakenly plant seeds from two hybrid crosses, or a cross with a local variety and one of the hybrids. Growers that continuously grow from this type of seed have continued to suffer mediocre bud quality and low yields. The balcony and terrace gardens where seed are planted were full of buds salted with seeds. This caused by careless urban growers as Alberto, an inner-city grower initiated. Many of them work hard and have a little time to take care for their gardens. These is how the system of seeds grower in Spain.

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