Swazi Regular Marijuana Seeds


Swazi Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain with low THC. It is a tall plant with high yields from 400 to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This is a euphoric, relaxing, happy, and talkative strain with cheese, citrus, earthy and sweet flavors. It is not a beginner strain that prefers a sunny to temperate climate to grow.

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20 Seeds $110.00
40 Seeds $200.00


More About Swazi Marijuana Seeds

Swazi is a genuine and pure strain of Sativa from the place of Swaziland. This marijuana strain is another one of the most beloved strains of people in the whole world. Definitely, this is because it is too different in characteristics or maybe it is because of the source of the plant’s seeds.

This plant could actually grow up to 3 meters in height and could provide up to 13 blades of leaves. In addition to this, it has buds that are sticky and long in structure. This marijuana plant is actually moderate in strength as well as perfect for non-heavy smokers.

The buzz that this strain provides is very active and has a unique flavor that is particularly similar to licorice. Again, this plant could grow tall and yields SOG in an average manner. Also, if you would wait for it to flower, you would wait for about 9 to 11 weeks in range or 10 weeks in average.

This plant is mostly Sativa and could be harvested during the month of October. It is perfect to be cultivated outdoors and it requires a Mediterranean climate like others. This is not a feminized strain and it is not difficult to plant or harvest.

Swazi Growing And How To Buy Cheap

Purchase cheap but with high germination rate Swazi pot seeds from our online weed store and you will get free seeds. In our website, you can click on multiple marijuana strains including Swazi cannabis seeds that you would like to buy. To order Swazi marijuana seeds from us, simply click the Buy Now button and add to your shopping cart the quantity of Swazi pot seeds order.

To buy Swazi weed seeds from us is safe and convenient but we strongly recommend that you check on your country’s laws about the legality of marijuana before you order from us to avoid problems with authorities.


Type : Regular
Flowering : (55 – 65 days)
Climate : Dry
Yield : 400 / 500 (g/m²)
Height : High plant
THC Level : Low
Cultivate : In and Outdoor
Medical : No
Strain : Sativa


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