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Sugar Kush Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


Sugar Kush is a pure Indica strain formulated by crossing over three predominantly Indica strains namely Kandy Kush, Hash Plant, and Northern Lights #1. It is named after its striking sugar-like appearance overwhelmed with sweet sticky resin and emerald green buds. Sugar Kush offers a kind of high that triggers positivity and eventually leads to an intense couch-lock. During the onset of the high, you will feel the effects creep in starting from behind your eyes and then at the temples, then spawns throughout your body, making you feel extremely relaxed. With a relatively high THC level at 18% – 20%, it produces a powerful smoke of floral skunk and a pine-hash flavor. At proper doses, Sugar kush can be enjoyed by both novice and season cannabis enthusiasts. More importantly, it is can be used as a treatment for several mental and physical illnesses such as depression, fatigue, mood disorders, anxiety, and physical pain, because of its positively full-bodied relaxation effects. Meanwhile, it has hunger as a natural side effect, thus, a great help for those dealing with appetite loss. Devour Sugar Kush after a long day at work and experience its incredible effects.

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Sugar Kush Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Pure Indica

Genetic Parents: Kandy Kush x Hash Plant x Northern Lights #1

Flowering Period: 8 weeks to 9 weeks

Climate: Warm 

Yield: 1.65 oz/ft2

Flavors: Hash, sweet, spicy, pine, herbal

THC Level: 18% – 20%

CBD Level: <1%

Height: Unknown

Photo Period: Fast Version

Harvest Period: Unkown

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Sugar Kush Fast Version?

Sugar Kush got its name because of a heavy coating of sugar-like crystal trichomes surrounding its entire buds. And like its name, Sugar Kush has a sweet floral smell when burnt, along with a hashy smoke, whilst having a strong piney flavor mixed with subtle undertones of spicy herbs. You will surely enjoy the experience brought about by Sugar Kush in your palate.

On the other hand, in terms of the effects, Sugar Kush can immediately translate a very relaxing feeling that starts at the back of the eye, then your forehead, and down to your neck, shoulders, back, and the rest of your body. Being a pure Indica strain, it is expected for Sugar Kush to be ultimately relaxing, but more than that, it also has the capacity to uplift your gloomy mood and induce euphoria. The happiness felt usually happens during the onset of the high and eventually leads to an intense couch-lock as it settles and slowly creeps in the body. It is suggested to smoke Sugar Kush towards the end of the day, or when you have comfortably settled in your place to avoid being unproductive caused by this Indica strain. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Sugar Kush Fast Version?

Considering the Indica characteristics Sugar Kush possesses, you might already have an idea of its medicinal benefits. For one, since pure Indica, this strain has anti-inflammatory properties that are of great help in dealing with issues concerning chronic pain, muscle spasms, and body aches. In conjunction with that, as it has the capability of uplifting the user’s mood, Sugar Kush can also assist in managing symptoms of some types of mood disorders, depression, and anxiety, whereas its sedating qualities as well can trigger a peaceful sleep for those suffering from insomnia. Lastly, despite being a natural side effect for most Indica strains, hunger or munchies can be an advantage for those wanting to gain weight or regaining their appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sugar Kush Fast Version

Generally, cottonmouth and dry eyes are the adverse effects you can expect from almost all of the marijuana strains, including Sugar Kush, these, however, can be mitigated by always drinking plenty of glasses of water. Moreso, effects like mild dizziness, headache, or worse paranoia, and anxiety may also be anticipated. But unlike the first mentioned, these consequences are rather to be experienced only when Sugar Kush is consumed excessively. Such is the reason why it is highly advised to consume at your own risk, and responsibly in order to avoid serious medical issues.  

How to Grow Sugar Kush Fast Version

Sugar Kush can thrive in both indoor and outdoor set-ups but is recommended for growers with more experience as it is not quite resistant to molds, pests, and mildew. Within eight to nine weeks, after it has fully flowered, you may collect a decent yield amounting to 1.65 ounces per feet squared. Thus, making all the efforts of cultivating Sugar Kush worth it.



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