Strawberry Marijuana Seeds


Strawberry Marijuana Seeds is a strawberry cannabis strain with good yields despite its small size. This is an energetic, euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting cannabis hybrid strain with berry, strawberry, grape, earthy and spicy flavors. It is a versatile plant as it can grow in temperate, sunny, or cold growing climates.

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More About CBD Strawberry (1:15)

The Insomniac’s Strawberry Cannabis

The CBD Strawberry (1:15) is a hybrid cannabis strain with a 1:15 THC-CBD ratio. It means that it has about one percent THC or even less and a CBD level of 12 to 15 percent.  It can help reduce the signs and symptoms of seizures. Also, it is effective in calming anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep among insomniacs.

This strain’s genetics include CBD and Strawberry, making it a therapeutic strain due to its CBD dose and little psychological high. It’s a fast-growing cannabis hybrid strain with generous yields that grows until 65 days. Enjoy this cannabis strain’s strawberry-like flavor with a pungent aroma.

You can grow CBD Strawberry (1:15) indoors that provides 400 grams per square meter of harvest. Giving the right amount of water, humidity, and temperature will help you gain the most generous yield outdoors. This marijuana strain is highly recommended both for new or seasoned growers. It’s because of its easy cultivation with decent yields loved by cannabis patients without the overwhelming high effects.


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