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Star Gazer Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


Stargazer is an indica dominant hybrid strain formulated by combining three legendary and infamous strains namely, Warlock, AK-47, and Sensi Star. This infamous strain boasts an insanely potent THC level that averages between 16-21% and a myriad of heavy-hitting effects that are perfect for a lazy night together with your friend in a vast land just gazing at the stars. The high Star Gazer provides begins with uplifting your spirit and while inducing euphoric happiness. It is then accompanied by calming and relaxing sensations that travel throughout your entire body from your spine to the ends of your fingertips. Despite it being highly indica, it still allows you to be consciously aware of your surroundings while slowly sulking you into a lethargic state. Because of its combination of both physical and cerebral high, Star Gazer is the perfect hybrid strain for relieving pain, managing symptoms of mild cases of depression, and reducing your chronic stress. In addition, Star Gazer is said to have a delectable fragrance and taste of sweet, but at the same time minty cream, with undertones of pungent sour citrus, and a lemon aftertaste, all the while still maintaining that subtle nut-buttery flavor. Lastly, when fully matured, Star Gazer will grow to have buds that are medium in size with dense forest green nugs, normally pepper-shaped, and coated with amber hairs with frosty crystallized trichomes.

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Star Gazer Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (80%) / Sativa (20%)
Genetic Parents: Warlock x AK-47 x Sensi Star
Flowering Period: 6 weeks to 7 weeks
Climate: Warm/Moderate climate
Yield: 400-600 g/m2 (indoors) and 350-600 g/plant (outdoors)
Flavors: sweet, citrus, creamy, lemon, peppermint
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Unknown
Photo Period:
Harvest Period: Early September
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Star Gazer?

Star Gazer is described to be quite hardcore. When lit, it can emit a pungent odor that is dominated by the smell of sweet citrus, with hints of pepper and mint. Its flavor is similar to its aroma but is creamier and has a tinge of lemon on the exhale. The burst of flavor Star Gazer offers to the palate is something users have been always going back to. On the other hand, Star Gazer is a strain that is not advisable for users who are just starting their cannabis journey, those who are still in the phase of experimenting with which strains do they want, and those who have low tolerance because it has an average-to-high level of potency peaking at 25%. This hybrid boasts a cerebral high that ultimately allows users to be euphoric, however, its physical buzz increases its effect on the body gradually. Eventually, Star Gazer being an Indica-dominant strain also has its inherent effects. Following its mild cerebral buzz, Star Gazer creeps down to the body slowly and relaxes the muscles. This very relaxing feeling leads you into an intense couchlock and sometimes becomes overwhelmingly tranquilizing. In some cases, Star Gazer causes munchies, so it can also be a remedy for those dealing with appetite loss. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Star Gazer?

Star Gazer with its 18%-25% THC level can be considered a highly potent strain. Considerably, it also has enough CBD content, making it perfect to be utilized as a medical strain. Since it is Indica-dominant, it has heavy-hitting, relaxing, and calming effects that are perfect for relieving chronic pain. At the same time, its anti-inflammatory properties help calm the muscles and prevent muscle spasms. Furthermore, as it also presents some cerebral and euphoric sensations, it would be great in assisting those who have troubles with their mood, depression, and anxiety. Finally, when the effects start to consume the body, most users begin to feel sleepy. With this in mind, insomniacs or even those who do not want their sleep to be interrupted may find Star Gazer to be helpful.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Star Gazer

As it may be very satisfying for recreational use and very helpful medically, Star Gazer can also give users some adverse effects. One of the most common side effects that can happen is cottonmouth and this is because cannabinoids affect the receptors of the glands that produce saliva, which in effect causes it to slow down. It is also mostly coupled with dry eyes. These effects, needless to say, are not anything serious if mitigated with frequent hydration. Moreover, there were also reports that Star Gazer can cause dizziness when not consumed in moderation. Considering all of the mentioned, it is advisable to use reasonably.

How to Grow Star Gazer

Star Gaze can thrive both indoors and outdoors, however, outdoor success may require a growing space that can be manipulated. This strain has average vertical height thanks to its Indica genetics, lending it primarily lateral growth. Cultivators grow their Star Gazer by regularly topping its apex to promote growth and equal distribution of nutrients. Moreover, although it doesn’t require any kind of significant nutrients, it can be helpful to consider using potassium-enriched topsoil to plant it. The vibrant color that this bud exhibit doesn’t really show itself until it’s properly dried, that is why it is better to get it straight into the dehydrator once it is harvested. It can be quite susceptible to mold issues since its Indica genes make it very prone to those, so keeping it in low moisture both while it is growing and when harvested will produce the best results.


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