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Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Staggering

Staggering autoflower marijuana seeds is a way to ensure that there is always growing cannabis to keep a continuous supply of weed to smoke. These are cannabis plants that have a fast harvesting time of between 8 and 10 weeks, which means that once it is harvested if the planting of the weed is not staggered then there is another 8 to 10 weeks of growing time before another harvest will be ready.

Staggering the autoflowering marijuana seeds will mean planting the crop, but leaving enough room in the growing area to start more cannabis plants in a few weeks, this will keep a continuous supply of weed. The grower can find cheap autoflowering marijuana seeds to plant indoors or outdoors. These are cannabis seeds that growers can order in many popular strains that have the high and potency they want when they buy marijuana seeds.

Fast growing means that planted indoors there can be cannabis plants growing all the time year round when they are staggered and the grower will be able to immediate remove the males between 17 and 20 of growth after germination of the autoflowering marijuana seeds, to keep them from pollinating the females.

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