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Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, two well-known strains, were combined to produce our Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana strain. A 70 Sativa and 30 Indica with moderate to high THC level maxing out to 16.75% with low CBD level of 0.25%. Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana strain colas are oval, and the plant has a beautiful color palette of bright oranges, brownish reds, purples, and verdant green. Its dense buds are covered with tempting crystal trichomes from top to bottom. This marijuana strain provides a full-body buzz that can put you to a couch-lock.

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Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Specifications

Type: 70 Sativa 30 Indica

Genetics Parents: Sour Diesel x Jack Herer

Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Climate: Dry Warm Humid

Yield: 300g/m2 (indoors) 500gr/plant (outdoors)

Flavors: Diesel Tropical Sweet Lemon

THC Level: 16.75%

CBD Level: 0.25%

Height: 6 feet

Harvest Period: Late October

Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Effects and Flavor of Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Sour Jack Feminized strain has a diesel, and tropical flavors come out even more when smoked. A rare combination of sweet and citrusy lemon with traces of pungent diesel can appeal to consumers. This marijuana strain may be an acquired taste for others, but these flavors are to die for a true cannabis connoisseur. 

This marijuana strain provides a psychedelic trip, with an outer body high with relaxing and stimulating euphoria effects. Furthermore, the Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana strain has the potential to strike right in the head with a single blow. Users will experience an outpouring of positive energy, which happy thoughts and innovative ideas will accompany. Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana strain is the ideal smoke for those looking to unwind after a long day or week at the office. Only a whiff of this beautiful plant will make the next few hours completely enjoyable while keeping the mind open and ready for interactions.  

What are the Medical effects of Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana strain’s highly energizing effects can help cannabis users who suffer from chronic fatigue. Since Sour Jack produces a long-lasting uplifting high, it can offer temporary relief to those suffering from mood disorders such as depression. Some users claim that the mood-enhancing effects of this marijuana strain help them de-stress, while others claim that it can relieve mild aches and pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most common side effects associated with the Sour Jack strain but can be prevented by keeping your body hydrated. Some people, however, may experience dizziness, headaches, or anxiety.

How to Grow Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Sour Jack Feminized Marijuana strain is like its parent, Jack Herer, is a rare strain that growers may find challenging to obtain. Furthermore, the knowledge available about its cultivation is tiny, forcing us to make educated guesses based on its parents’ growing habits. Sour Jack, like every other hybrid, can be grown both indoors and out. The problem, however, is the plant’s ideal growing climate. Although this knowledge isn’t readily accessible, growers should bear in mind that both of its parents, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, flourish in Dry climates with daytime temperatures ranging from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It will take 9 weeks to bloom.

This marijuana strain has a long flowering period indoors that takes 9 weeks. On the other hand, Growers should expect a generous return of 500 grams per square meter. It can grow 6 feet taller. If you’re growing these plants outside, they’ll be able to harvest in late October. Outdoor yields of 300 grams or more per plant are possible.


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