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Snow Ripper Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Snow Ripper Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain with high yields and early flowering.time. It is a calming, sleepy, and relaxing strain with delicious earthy, pungent, and woody flavors. You can also use this strain as a medicine for arthritis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. This is not for beginners but it can grow in temperate to sunny climates.

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More About Snow Ripper (fem)

A Luscious, Flavorful Strain

A combination of Afghani and Ginger Ale, along with a secret hybrid, Snow Ripper exhibits a bit of mystery in her lineage. Its Sativa content is also not known, although there is an assumption that it has minimal Sativa content since Indica likely dominates its effects.

The scent of Snow Ripper resembles a damp forest following a winter rain. Seemingly, a lot of information about the plant is still to be known. Nonetheless, one this is certain – the weed provides a sedating effect and, at the same time, hits hard. Cannabis enthusiasts smoke it to alleviate their stress and to relish a soothing physical mode.

Her ability to endure diseases, pests, and molds makes it relatively easy to manage. Neophytes will find it easy to grow. Meantime, veterans do not have to dedicate much effort as well as time in nourishing it.

1 review for Snow Ripper Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Patricia R.

    Although this strain is an energizing hybrid with good euphoric effects, it is still unlike many other hybrids. Instead of a massive mind high and fast-hitting, this Snow Ripper eases you into a powerful stoned, not covered by excessive cerebral heaviness. As a person with a high level of depression and anxiety, I can tell you instead of triggering my anxiety and depression level, with this strain this is a great help, a wide amount of this hybrid strain seem to do, this strain can relieve anxiety. Such a good strain. I’ve got nothing to complain about. Also, when I cultivated this strain, produced a beautiful plant with a lot of crystals. And what I loved most is this strain is immune to pests and molds Such a good choice of strain. Kinda’ confused with my first grow, but still, such an easy strain to grow, and eventually, I grew this strain successfully. Just wow.

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