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Smell proof bags cannabis

There is nothing more appealing than a fragrant weed, but this delightful aroma can also be a liability if you are traveling out of your house. The distinct smell emitted by cannabis can be an attention grabber, especially to authorities. It does not matter if your purchase is legal or not but the hassle of being questioned and probably interrogated may be annoying.

The idea of masking the scent of cannabis has made a lot of ingenious manufacturers to come up with different varieties of smell proof bags. Despite the obvious fact that we are trying to mask our stash and avoid detection, smell-proof bags are a requirement in states that allow marijuana purchases out of dispensaries. These smell-proof carriers must be opaque, childproof, and of course odor proof.

let take a closer look at what the fuss is all about.

Odor-Proof Bag? What it means

Odor proof bags are any kind of bag or carrier meant to eliminate the scent emitted by marijuana. They are also known as a smell proof bag. This was invented so marijuana may be discreetly carried while traveling. The stash bag, as it is sometimes called, works by masking the odor or trapping the scent coming from marijuana. Technology has greatly helped in the development of various types of this stash bag. It may be from the simple craft paper to heat-sealed Mylar bags. Some even have activated carbon technology. Activated carbon adsorbs the scents from marijuana either reduces or eliminates the odor.

We are not only talking about any run of mill smell proof bag. the best smell proof bags come in different forms. They could be clutch bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, duffel bags, etc. Some will even come with their own built-in combination lock. These bags are usually water proof fabric to keep your stash safe from being wet. Lastly, this heavy-duty bag will have moisture retention capabilities to keep the stash from drying out.

Smell Proof Bags or Containers?

Having the proper container to store your marijuana will make a world of difference. There is the fact that the stash you carry will be easier to be transported while its odors are being masked. But what makes it important is the fact that the stash bag containing your marijuana will keep your buds fresh all the time. It is most likely you have had the experience of traveling with your marijuana in a regular container only to find out your weed has dried out during transport. Its either you have to put them in a vacuum-sealed glass container or purchase the best smell proof bags you could afford.

Smell Proof Bags – the superior option

It is always good to be discreet about your cannabis use. For the fact that this herb is not yet widely accepted globally as alcohol. This leaves the user in a quandary on how to transport his stash by not being too obvious at all. A Glass container would likely be not the best solution.

The Importance of Odor Control

Whether you are growing marijuana at home or bringing your stash out in public, the idea of controlling the powerful aroma of cannabis is always a top priority. The aroma of cannabis will always have public issues if it is openly smelled out in the public. Although for us cannabis lovers, we enjoy its aroma, others may be offended by its pungent smell. Using glass jars may to some extent control the odor but a loose or broken seal will surely leak out its aroma. but with smell proof bags, they are designed and made from safe materials with great odor-controlling properties via carbon technology. They are tested before being released out n the market to ensure its buyers that what they are buying is the real deal.

The control of marijuana scent matters because being exposed to having some with you while you are traveling might have some social repercussions that go with it. As mentioned earlier, the global acceptance of weed is not yet fully realized. Secondly, This will help you avoid any issues at work especially f the are some workmates who may be offended by its presence in the workplace. Lastly, being discreet while traveling and keeping those beautifully scented buds away from the prying noses of both the authorities and the public.

A Smell proof bag will secure and protect your weed

A smell proof bag is made to give you privacy from other curious people, as well as protection for your favorite cannabis while traveling. The inside of this bag is lined with padding to provide that cushion-like protection for your weed. Some designs even come with pouches for additional storage space. This bag, sometimes in the form of a travel bag, keep the possession of weed discreet and protects the weed from being visually recognized by anyone. A Glass container with cannabis is easily spotted thus canceling out the discreet nature of traveling with your cannabis.

Smell proof bags and containers keep freshness, controls moisture

The importance of having the best smell proof bag to carry your weed is important. We have to remember that buying top quality weed is not cheap at all, many users even rely on their weed supply fo their therapeutic and medicinal use. Thus the weed you have must stay as fresh as possible and maintain its therapeutic value and potency to be fully effective.

Using a glass container is fine but the downside of using this is it allows light to penetrate inside the jar which will contribute to the faster oxidation of your stored weed further degrading the quality and potency of the weed. Further, glass containers will trap moisture inside the bottle thus making the wed soggy and a potential breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Styles and Types of Bags

Odor proof bags have a variety of styles and types. Some are the regular rectangular shaped clutch, some even are designed as backpacks or pouches. They can be anything that will carry your weed safely and odor-free while on travel. The design of the bag will be so discreet that others will never know or smell that you have cannabis with you. The varieties of designs of these bags and containers are so ordinary that carrying them will not raise an eyebrow or will anyone ever suspect that weed is inside it as its odors will be masked.

So consider getting yourself one of these bags as they will be very useful for you whenever you leave the comforts of your home. Avoid the hassle of being socially misjudged and move around discreetly with a stash of weed in your possession!

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