Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


Skunk x Northern Lights is a sativa-leaning cannabis strain that’s very productive with moderate THC and early flowering. It can produce a euphoric, focused, and relaxing high with citrus, lemon, skunk, sweet, and pungent flavored buds. It is a beginner strain capable of growing in temperate to sunny Mediterranean climates.

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More About Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Version 

A Deadly Combination of High Quality Strains

Skunk and Northern Lights are both potent strains as separate entities. This combination further enhances their effects as both legendary share status as descendants of amazing landraces. As an Indica hybrid, Northern Lights proved to be the one to beat when it stunned the world with its high dose of THC and relaxing high. Meanwhile, Skunk equally amazed the world with its pungent smell and similar high. With the creation of this hybrid, this Indica dominant hybrid became a vigorous plant to grow.

This sweet-tasting weed is the epitome of cerebral high through the combination of both these strains. The euphoria that users feel often have medical side effects by replacing sad, depressive thoughts with happy ones. The high levels of THC also become an effective anti-pain medication for people living with chronic pain.

In cultivating this weed, one should be wary of the environment as it will need a warm climate to thrive.


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