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Skunk seeds

If you are looking to buy skunk seeds online, better make sure that you know what skunk strains you are purchasing. Being a leading source of hybrid material is no easy choice as there are several skunk varieties in the market. This strain has been used as the main parent material to produce new hybrids with skunk lineage. So before you proceed to buy skunk feminized seeds online, it is best to know about what you are growing a little bit more.

What is Skunk 1

Skunk 1 has been in existence since the late '70s and it was the first marijuana hybrid strain from the cannabis society of the Netherlands. It is a cross of Afghani, Columbian Gold, and Mexican Acapulco Gold. this weed has become so famous worldwide that the term "skunk" now refers to a very potent weed. Nowadays, you can see multiple skunk strains in the cannabis world all trying to replicate the genetics of its original parent. Skunk 1 is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid that has a THC content of 16% and CBD content of 1%. This 65% Indica, 35% Sativa strain makes this cannabis rather balanced as you get the complete body relaxation from the indica and you also feel very elated and uplifted.

Growing Skunk Strain

The Skunk 1 marijuana strain was originally bred in the Netherlands so it is usually accustomed to a cold climate so it was naturally cultivated indoors. But this strain has evolved over the years and has adapted to outdoor growth as well. This is a quite sturdy plant and not much hands-on care is needed until it starts to flower. This is the only time that temperature and humidity levels must be closely monitored as this plant is susceptible to molds when it flowers. Temperatures should be kept warmer and humidity levels should be lowered to lessen water vapor in the air. It is also recommended to prune the lower leaves to promote air circulation and allow light to penetrate the insides of the plant. Topping it will also induce the plant to develop more stem growth allowing for more potential buds to grow, and at the same lessen the height of the plant.

This weed will start flowering after about 8 weeks indoors and may yield 18 ounces of bud per square meter. For Outdoor growing, flowering time usually occurs during mid-October and yield about 16 ounces per plant.

Medical Benefits of Skunk 1

The great balance of the Skunk feminized weed allows medical marijuana patients to use it daily. It is not too potent and does not have the intoxicating effects as other indica-dominant strains may have. The high that this weed gives you uplifts your mood and makes you feel really happy and content, making this weed a great alternative medicinal option for medical cannabis patients with stress disorders and depression. This cannabis strain relaxes your whole body yet does not make you leaden and unable to move and function. It also gives out positive vibes to the user erasing those cynical thoughts lingering at the back of his mind. And since the body is in a relaxed and calm state, chronic pain sufferers also look to this strain to at least temporarily relieve them of the discomfort. As long as the right dosage is followed, no unworthy after-effects are likely to happen. Just keep everything in moderation to fully enjoy the benefits that go with the strain.

Skunk Weed Effects

Skunk 1 is a strong marijuana hybrid that promotes a euphoric and uplifted mood at the onset. The effect makes the user forget about worrisome thoughts and instead transforms his mind into a realm filled with happy thoughts. the uplifting high puts set the mood of the user into a clear and positive state negating all the obstructive thoughts that hinder his being as a person. His thoughts are clearer and have a more positive outlook. This makes for a great end of the day smoke when one is about to unwind from a stressful day at work. Aside from the positivity this strain produces, it also complements it with a full-body relaxation where the muscles and tensions are eased away while enjoying the high.

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Final Thoughts

Skunk 1 is a product of the Dutch which has been in existence for a long time. Being the parent strain to many other skunk varieties. Its impeccable balance of effects makes it a perfect marijuana to grow and cultivate. Its balance of mental and physical high makes it a perfect marijuana strain to grow and enjoy. Skunk cannabis seeds are available online. You can get these seeds from any of the reputable seedbanks online and start growing and annoying you Skunk 1!!!

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