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Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana strain is Sativa-dominant. The genetic genealogy of this hybrid is unknown, as stated by breeders. The Skunk Glue will put every user in a high-energy mood which makes its Sativa effects. On the other hand, the Indica effects counter the hyper energy and put your body in a relaxing state that leads to sedation. This strain has a THC level content of 19 %, which says that this strain is helpful to those who have a sleeping disorder. Growing Skunk Glue is hard to develop, so you need to nurture it with special care.

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Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: Sativa-Dominant

Genetics Parents: Not specified

Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks

Climate: Temperate and Sunny

Yield: Outdoors

Flavors: Pine Skunk and Spicy

THC Level:19%

CBD Level: Low

Height: Medium

Harvest Period: 10-12 weeks after germination

Growing Difficulty: Hard

What are the Flavor and Effects of Skunk Glue Fem Cannabis Strain?

Skunk Glue marijuana has a taste profile of pine skunk and spicy; its effects give every smoker a high-energy feeling that lifts your mood and makes you energize but at the same time puts you in a state of calm and relaxation. This strain creates a euphoric and creative spark with a powerful high after smoke. This strain is beneficial to those having an appetite problem as it may boost their cravings.

What are the Medical Benefits of Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana Strain?

In terms of medicinal, the Skunk Glue weed strain has its contribution. Many people use this strain for exhaustion and the treatment of psychological conditions, such as depression, tension, and bipolar. This strain’s stimulative properties make it beneficial for people with low appetite, stomach disorders, and inflammation. This marijuana strain helps many people to fight migraines, fatigue, headaches, and constant pain. If you want quick-acting results, it is a smart idea to use Skunk Glue Feminized marijuana strains for those suffering from physical discomfort.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Like any other weed strain, Skunk Glue also has its negative effects on the users. Dizziness is the worst possible effect. This hemp tends to have advantages and disadvantages if not properly taken. Keep your body hydrated before and after you take a high dosage of Skunk Glue strain. People with psychological problems can be risky to use this potent strain, primarily because they can increase the probability of paranoia, anxiety, or other adverse reactions. It is important to remember that marijuana intake should be in good moderation.

How to Grow Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Skunk Glue marijuana seed is sensitive to molds and mildews and gives an over-average yield. This strain is a very long period of growth and enters the crucial and difficult task of growing. This variety of marijuana can thrive indoors and outside. However, this strain is recommended to develop outdoors at even 12/12.12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. If you are an expert breeder and can raise it well for a short time, it can only develop in 8-10 weeks.



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