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Skunk Fem Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


Skunk Fast Version is an Indica-leaning strain with a 65:35 Indica/Sativa ratio created by combining two versions of skunk strains which are Early Skunk elite and Sweet Skunk Auto. This strain is a well-acknowledged hybrid because of its sedating and relaxing high. Moreover, it is also famous for its unique strong skunk flavor with sour and earthy smoke. Budding a large number of other marijuana variants as a parent strain, Skunk offers a very satisfying full-bodied relaxation paving its way for several medical issues that can be assisted like chronic pain, muscle spasms, body aches, and migraine.

While its mental high promotes creativity and induces a lot of energy, it also helps in treating several mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Within six to eight weeks, Skunk will grow into a beautiful marijuana variant with buds in color hues of faded green and light yellow, with a subtle hint of silver and gray. Most frequently than not, it has buds covered in bright orange pistils surrounding the entire sugary nugs and comes together with a thick layer of frosty trichomes. Meanwhile, it has leaves that are generally dark green in color. And as it grows, it will appear to like other indicas in appearance and height, although it transitions to be more pungent and aromatics over time. 

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Skunk Fem Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (65%) and Sativa (35%)

Genetic Parents: Early Skunk Elite x Sweet Skunk Auto (SWS34)

Flowering Period: 6 weeks to 8 weeks

Climate: Temperate/Continental/Sunny

Yield: 400g/m2 (indoor) and 400-500g/m2 (outdoor)

Flavors: Earthy, citrus, skunk, sweet, woody

THC Level: 18%

CBD Level: 0.3%

Height: 70-100cm

Harvest Period: September

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Skunk Fem Fast Version?

When you walk into a room of people smoking marijuana, you will immediately identify Skunk because of its quite pungent aroma. It boasts a strong earthy fragrance with sweet and sour undertones common among various variants of skunks. However, in this particular founding strain, its smell stays in the room for quite a long period of time. On the other hand, Skunk stays true to its name as it also has a very skunky flavor. When the smoke is taken in, you will taste sweet herbs in your palate with a hint of sourness and leave an herbal stain on your lips when exhaled.

As for Skunk’s effects, despite it being predominantly Indica, it still possesses several Sativa leaning effects. Thus, Skunk is both an experience for the mind and body. During the onset of its high, you will simultaneously be confronted with a surge in creativity, prompting motivation and inspiration in getting your tasks done. At the same time, it provides a heady high that ultimately uplifts your mood, gives you euphoria, and makes you happy. Eventually, as it settles in your system, complete head-to-toes relaxation starts to creep in, soothing your body and triggering you to enter into a state of trance. That being said, it is recommended to consume Skunk after work, or in the late hours of the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Skunk Fem Fast Version?

Skunk, in terms of its effects and medical advantages, you can say Skunk offers the best of both worlds as it delivers impeccable benefits to the mind and body. With its almost balanced Sativa/Indica ratio and relatively high level of THC, it is the best strain to help treat several mental and physical illnesses. It is without a doubt that Skunk brings forth deep body relaxation, making it perfect in easing chronic stress, sore muscles, and body aches without making your body feel overwhelmed and heavy at all. 

In addition, its mental high assists in controlling feelings of anxiety and depression, furthering positive thoughts instead of negative ones, and whilst encouraging a clearer state of mind. Lastly, Skunk is an effective remedy in regaining a healthy appetite from cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy as it may counter nausea as well. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Skunk Fem Fast Version

It is a well-known fact that Skunk is an exceptional hybrid strain considering its contribution in parenting the birth of many skunk-related strains yet it is not immune from generating some adverse effects. Fortunately, there is no side effect that necessitates serious medical attention. Dizziness, slight paranoia, and mild anxiety are probably the uttermost negative consequences one can have and these are results of excessive consumption of the strain. All the while, it’s more common side effects are cottonmouth and dry eyes which can just be managed through frequently drinking lots of water before, during, and after the pot session. It should be a rule in consuming marijuana, particularly very potent ones, to minimize consumption and limiting it your level of tolerance in order to avoid drastic repercussions.

How to Grow Skunk Fem Fast Version

Despite being already the Fast Version of Skunk, it still adheres to a photoperiod in order to flower. In terms of structure, it is somehow smaller than its photoperiod Skunk parent. However, it is a strain that is convenient to grow even for novice growers. It is highly tolerant to stress, making it almost impossible to transform into a hermie. More so, it has a strong resistance to pests and diseases that is why growers would not have to worry about sickness and infestations in Skunk Fast Version. 

Furthermore, Skunk Fast Version responds well when exposed to low and high-stress methods like the Sea of Green (SOG) technique, in order to further its yield. When properly cultivated, the initial flowering period of Skunk will be shortened for about two weeks. So in a span of just six to seven weeks, Skunk Fast Version can be able to produce a harvest of about 400g/m2 when planted indoors.



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