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What is Shiva Shanti Medical Marijuana?

The genetics of shiva shanti marijuana seeds come from India. Shiva is actually the name of the supreme god in the Hinduism tradition. The god of transformation is who this strain of cannabis is named after. The weed plant of the shiva shanti marijuana seeds grow to be busy and short. The buds that are produced when growing this kind of marijuana are large and sticky, which is noticed during the late part of the flowering process. When the transformation takes place it matures in approximately two weeks or less just prior to harvest time. It then turns into a weed plant that is covered with large THC crystal buds.

The shiva shanti marijuana seeds are a mixture of indica and sativa crossbreed that is best when it is used for growing weed indoors. The flowering period of this strain of cannabis is approximately 8 to 9 weeks. The THC level is around 15 to 20% and its strong. The shiva shanti marijuana seeds are a great choice for beginners that are growing, as the grow difficult level of the weed plants is easy.

As more countries realize the medicinal benefits of marijuana, more countries have been added to the list of those that have legalized its personal use.

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