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Sexing Marijuana Plants Into Female Or Male?


Marijuana plants can either be male or female. Thus sexing is the most important way to cultivate and grow a bigger yield for marijuana growers. For other growers, another reason for sexing their marijuana plants is to remove the male marijuana. If the owners fail to remove the male species, this will interfere on the potency of the female marijuana plant. Determining first the gender of the marijuana plant should be carefully done with the use of a magnifying glass. The pre flowering phase of the plant is usually an indication to begin sexing the plants, usually within is 4-6 weeks.

Marijuana plant sexing can be possible after the plant’s 4th or 5th week. This technique is quite tricky and can be done correctly usually only by the most trained grower. Male plants are taller, while the female plants are shorter.  The male marijuana plant is responsible for making the pollen for fertilization; it has 5 green or yellow sepals which split to fertilize the female marijuana plant with the use of its pollen. The female plant can produce continuously their own seeds, especially with the help of the male plant, so if the grower doesn’t want more seeds, it may be best to terminate the male plant before it sheds pollen again unto the female plant. Others choose male marijuana seeds that have been converted into female ones, or the “feminized marijuana”, so that they will not use any male marijuana plant on the process.  After the male marijuana plant has been removed for three to five weeks, the female plants will wither, and this is the best time pick the seeds.

Sexing Marijuana Plants

How To Sex Cannabis Weed Plants

Early sexing on marijuana plants can also be done. The growers try to determine the gender of the marijuana plant earlier. Once they found the male plant, they cover the lower branch with a black paper bag for 12 hours during their vegetative state, to prevent the exposure of light through the plant. After that, by using a magnifying glass, experts try to determine some early indications of the sex type of the plant. While others can instead try to force their marijuana plants by arranging lighting schedule for the plant. The marijuana plants are placed under a 12 hour light exposure, and then are separated into the male and female marijuana plant arrangements. After 18-24 hours, revert the lighting schedule to continue the vegetative period, but this is applicable for the female marijuana only. After the differentiation of the gender of the plants, the male will be separated to the female marijuana plant. This technique is not advisable, for this can stress the development of the marijuana plant, and can be 2 weeks delayed on its growth. This can lengthen the flowering phase of the marijuana plant, which can lead to a loss in potency and advantage to produce a seed. This sexing process of the two plants requires time, and much-needed patience of the grower. Growers should closely monitor so that factors mentioned will not affect the development and growth as well as the potency of both plants.

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