Sexing Marijuana Plants Tutorial for Beginners

Are you familiar with everything about cannabis? What about telling which weed is male and which is female? Yes, you read it right. There are actually female and male types of marijuana plants. If your goal is to identify them, then you have to know some things. 

Sexing marijuana plants have lots of things to consider. With the help of this article, you will be able to know the signs of a female weed plant and the sign of a male weed plant. You will be able to understand the difference that male and female marijuana plant has. It is not super easy to identify the sex of marijuana; you have to know the tips for that. 

There are many methods that can be very helpful in the process of identifying the marijuana plant’s sex. However, before you start learning and knowing the ways, you have to know the reason as to why you should determine the gender of your weed plant. 

The Reason for Sexing Marijuana Plants

Why should you identify your marijuana plant’s sex? This might be one of the questions you have right now. You have to know the sex of the weed plants you have because it is important in getting the best yield in harvesting. It has to do with the reproduction process. For the marijuana plants, the male and female are separate.

 The environment for your weed plants will depend on the sex of your marijuana plant. There are various qualities that each of the plant’s gender possesses. Identifying your weed’s sex would also be helpful in growing your marijuana plants successfully and in producing high quality plants. These are a few of the reasons as to why you should know, and you should be able to identify the sex and gender of your cannabis plant.  

Another reason for that is the female weed will produce THC compound, but the male weed will only produce less compound of THC, and it will distract the female weed. Therefore, you have to know the plant’s sex so that there will be no fertilization with the males and females that will happen. This is if you want the high quality of the buds. 

How to determine the Male and Female Weed Plant? 

It is very difficult to determine the gender of the cannabis plant because it will not grow at the young phase revealing the plant’s gender. You need to put your plant first in the dark room for twelve hours in every twenty-four hours, which can be a long period of waiting. 

Generally speaking, male weed has flowers, but female weed has pistils. Aside from that, male weed is taller compared to female weed. You need to know that all cannabis plants produce flowers, but if you can’t determine the gender of the plant by the height of it, then you can rely on the pistils as indicators. Sexing marijuana plants can be very difficult to do. 

Female Marijuana Plants

Those female marijuana plants are easy to recognize. The flowers in the female weed will only bloom after the male weed’s flowers bloom. The structure of the flowers of the female weed will look similar as the feathers. These plants will produce a bit of cream, white, or yellow flowers, and the pistils are hairy at the same time whitish.  The stigma can be found in the area of the node on the stalk, which is the main part. 

Male Marijuana Plants

The very simple way of determining the male weed is through the plant’s maturity period. The maturity period of the male weed plants is faster compared to the female weed plants. It means the males grow taller at the same time quicker for about 2 weeks ahead than the females. 

The growth of the male weed is straight, and they do not produce many flowers compared to the number of flowers that female weed produces. The flowers will be visible in the above part of the marijuana plant. The flowers in the male weed are tight compared to the females. 

Other ways to determine the sex of marijuana plants

Patterns of Growing

The branching of the female weed is very complex, especially if they are in the stage of seedling to the flowering stage. However, it is taller for male weed. This method of identifying the gender of the weed works well with those plants being cultivated outdoors. 

The area Wherein the Weed Sprouted in the Germination Phase

If you want to know the gender of the weed plant in the early stage, you can try this method. There are some growers who use this method. When the sprout of the plant is at the bottom or top of the cannabis seed, then it will be a female. However, for those sprouts at the side will be male. Even if there is no study about this, yet, some cannabis growers have successfully relied on this method. 

Cloning of Marijuana Plants

This method is the best way to identify the gender of the weed plants before reaching the maturity stage. It is an easy technique, and you have to know the easy steps in doing it. Mostly, the steps involve the cutting of your plants. The small part of the plant that was cut can be used in identifying gender. 


The above-mentioned methods will be very helpful for you, especially if you are into determining your plant’s sex. There are lots of ways of sexing marijuana plants. You have to choose your preferred way and the preferred period of identification. It can be very difficult at the same time tricky to identify the gender of the weed, but with the ways above, you will be able to easily do that. 

Whichever way you like to try at getting your marijuana plant’s sex, you have to know the methods and steps on how to do it. It is also important that you should not harm your plants in trying to identify your weed’s sex or gender.