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Legal Information on New Zealand Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds have been legalized in New Zealand but some of the government officials and Authorities banned the cannabis-like drug spice, as it was found to contain a potentially harmful chemical which was pronounced by the Health ministry of the country. Even though there is a big market of cannabis users with the Marijuana seeds from New Zealand, it government continuously ban its existence in the commercial market because it has been noted with its adverse affect especially when taken excessively by the consumers.

Up to this date, Marijuana seeds in New Zealand have been consistently illegally obtainable and had become increasingly accepted this year, as it was sold as a natural herbal mixture that did not contain cannabis and did not fall under any anti-drug laws. On the other hand, the smoking drug incorporated the man-made chemical JHW-018, according to a study presented by the German city Frankfurt on Monday, which was long-established and supported by professional New Zealand and Austrian investigators.

It has been noted that this marijuana strain substance was found to be four times stronger than THC, the natural psychoactive substance enclosed in cannabis. According to experts said Sigrid Rosenberger, spokeswoman of the Austrian health ministry, it has a brawny addictive potential when it is taken intensively by an individual. Throughout this result development and proposed other latent health risks that have yet to be fully investigated and analyzed, it has been said that Marijuana seeds substance are still prohibited for an initial period of two weeks, until a formal decree is passed. Unlike in other countries which include Austria, New Zealand has yet to decide on a possible veto of the drug because of the relevant market that generate billions of dollars, some economist despite of its provocative negative effect has uttered that Cannabis industry is a profitable one.

Day by day, things got complicated and nowadays, it will be more difficult for America’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to persist to assert that cannabis is not a important and satisfactory medicine. There are many demands for Medicinal marijuana all over the world, and some states in America allow seriously-ill, dying or sense-threatened medical patients who possess a physician’s suggestion to legally acquire and use cannabis as a health treatment.

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