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How to Apply the Sea of Green Method in Your Cannabis

When you see a greenhouse or an indoor garden that is filled with thick canopy buds, it is the result of applying the Sea of Green method. You can’t help it but be in awe of such healthy looking marijuana plants. So you want to have a garden of your own as it’s a common thing among Cannabis lovers these days.

The said method may seem familiar to you as you’ve seen it online and from the conversation between fellow enthusiasts. You may be lost when this topic comes up as you haven’t tried it. For you not to be out of place and to grow good-looking Cannabis plants, learn how to apply this method in your garden.

The Sea of Garden Method Brief History

There are a lot of adjustments done by cultivators when indoor cultivation of marijuana started. One of them is providing artificial light to control the flowering period. It is a way to shorten the harvest time while increasing the yield, even in just a limited growing space. 

All of these arrangements constitute the Sea of Green method, and it is a Dutch invention. It was introduced in the 1970s. It brought a big change in commercial growth.

It is far from the traditional way of growing marijuana plants. They are usually grown as large plants in an outdoor plantation. Although it works, indoor cultivation is a blessing as growers can save on water, labor, fertilizer, HVAC, and other expenses. The Sea of Green method makes it all possible. The plants grow dense despite space restriction. 

Pros and Cons of the Sea of Green Method

The Sea of Green method or short for SOG is used in growing marijuana indoors by forcing the plants to quickly proceed to the flowering stage. It skips the normal pace and makes them flower early. They would generally stage in vegetation for two weeks. 

Many growers want to shorten the time and make the harvest time come quicker. It is something this method can give you. But your plants won’t yield like other growing methods. But it can console you with the developing dense plants. One bud for each plant is its rule as it maximizes the space in this training-wise manner.


Short vegetative period

Maximizes the space

Best for growers who have small grown rooms

Compact buds are a sight to see

Plants can produce a single massive bud

Maximum yield within minimum time

No need to put your plants with a lot of training


Growers who would opt for SOG should learn how to make cuttings first. They should be obtained in the same unique plant.

Not recommended for growing various strains

Density issues are possible like poor air circulation, development of molds and mildew

Diseases and pests can spread quickly.

Taking care of dozens of plants

Plants are dramatically different. Some are taller or shorter than the others.

No side branches

Getting Started with Sea of Green Method

With SOG, you will be growing a one-weed plant. You may wonder if you can apply it in any kind of strain. You can technically grow any variety, but it’s best to choose one that is not enthusiastic about growing side branches. It’s recommended to grow compact varieties.

When you aim to quicken the cycle, you have to see to it that you give adequate time for the plants to flower.

Steps to Follow When Using Cuttings

Cuttings would eventually give you a uniform canopy. Here’s your guide.

1. You have to grow a mother plant first for you to obtain cuttings. It’s easy if your plants have close characteristics. It’s fine to grow multiple seeds of the same variety, but you should be ready to take risks.

2. You have to decide the number of plants that you’re growing. The manageable starting point is 25 plants per square meter. 

3. It is not to discourage newbie growers, but the success rate is 50%. So what one can do is to make more cuttings.

4. Transplanting them on pots can be done once the roots are visible. It is the point where you start molding the plants to focus on one bud.

5. Give them two weeks before you place them in their permanent pots. When the plants are over stress from transplanting, you can switch to a 12/12 lighting schedule to induce flowering stage. The best time to do it is when the plants are 4 to 6 weeks old. 

  1. Nurture your plants to grow healthily and to adapt to the Sea of Green method.

Some Tips When Applying the Sea of Green Method 

1. When you wish to have a heavy yield, don’t hasten the switching to the flowering stage. When your plants are only 4-week old, they won’t be able to get the most of the SOG method. You may let them remain in vegetation for a week or two to give them a chance to get bigger. It simply means they can give you a bigger harvest. Balance is important to let you realize the margin between early harvest and abundant yield.

2. When the cuttings are thriving, you can provide light within 150 to 220 micromoles. You can increase it to 550 micromoles during vegetation and you can add more before transitioning to the flowering stage.

3. Topping is another way to increase production. It is done when they have 4 to 6 pairs of leaves so you can create more budding sites. Then you have to give them an additional few days or a week to stay in vegetation. It’s easier to grow a few plants so you can properly tend them. 

4. Most growers think that the best candidate for the Sea of Green method is auto-flowering strains. This variety won’t respond to any traditional growing method. But it flourishes with SOG.

You can also try Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Afghani #1, and Hindu Kush with SOG. As you can see, they are Indica varieties as they are known to have a compact structure.

5. You must decrease the humidity in your grow room or tent when you transition to the flowering stage. The vapor pressure deficit has the numbers to guide you with humidity and temperature.


Every growing method has its pros and cons. When you go for the Sea of Green method, there are some factors that you have to consider. You have to associate cuttings or clones from the same mother plant and compact structure in the application of this method. SOG mostly benefits commercial growers and growers with limited space.

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