Schwazzing: The Ultimate Defoliation Technique for Your Weed

Achieving a great yield in one harvest is such a blessing that every cannabis grower would be looking forward to every time. After tending for their precious cannabis for quite some time, getting their storage room filled with aromatic and tasty cannabis buds would be the best reward. Schwazzing made that a lot easier to do now than ever.

Instead of just relying on chemicals and other products bought in some stores that promise to make your crops grow more yield, there is a natural process that you must try for your crops’ healthy growth. Schwazzing is the way to go and you shall learn more about that below.

What is ‘Schwazzing’?

Schwazzing is the process that allows the defoliation or removing some of the leaves, of cannabis plants following a certain sequence of time. Growers perform this process to enhance the strong effects of every bud in their garden as well as the size and the amount of yield that they get.

The term “Schwazzing” is coined by the author Joshua Haupt of the book “Three a Light” which has caught a lot of attention among everyone in the cannabis world. The process has to begin only when the crops are about to enter its flowering stage.

So, what makes this process and an effective one? The truth behind it is that the leaves you remove from them naturally grow back with buds that are bigger than before. He said that cannabis needs to breathe more fresh air, being a plant that can get pollinated through the wind, so it can produce more buds. At the same time, schwazzing allows the plant to focus its energies on producing stronger buds instead of making more leaves. 

Schwazzing, however, is not for everybody to try. This is mostly recommended for experts and not for beginners because it entails performing a certain technique that’s a little complicated. Defoliating your crops through schwazzing or any other method that you know should be done with great care and skill. Otherwise, you shall end up causing cannabis plants to become stressed out or stunned for too much defoliation.

Nebula’s Theory

The secret to the discovery of this defoliation method is a theory that has come to examine cannabis plant’s behavior especially before they even enter the flowering stage.

  1. Cannabis buds get pollinated through the air which requires more exposure to the wind.
  2. Weeds use a lot of energy to provide for its buds and not for the leaves during its flowering stage.
  3. Cannabis plants react to the stress that it causes during its flowering.

Why Defoliate?

There is certainly a touch of the science behind this process in planting and getting better yield. Likewise, light and air have to do with it. Cannabis growers do this to their crops to let their crops grow easily while still producing the wonderful flavors and aroma in one. There are two main reasons why defoliation is performed and those are:

  1. Airflow – because cannabis are wind-pollinated type of plant, it is easier for them to produce more buds if they can take a lot of fresh and clean air. Air produces the oxygen which allows the crops to breathe better as it should be distributed to all of its parts particularly on the stomata of leaves. 
  2. Light penetration – as you have already learned in science, light allows plants to undergo photosynthesis for healthier growth. Now, in the case of cannabis, direct light from the sun or some artificial lights that you set up indoors, parts of the plant that receives it release more resin and grow faster, too.

The Normal Defoliation Process

For beginners, this knowledge may still need some more practice and some time to just be contented with the average yield that they are getting. However, just to let them know how it is done, here are the steps that they must try and follow.

  1. Know first which part of the plant you shall remove.
  2. Check your crops’ condition. Defoliation has to be done during its vegetation stage.
  3. Begin the process by removing first the bigger leaves that are like the size of a hand. By doing so, light can penetrate and reach the inner parts of cannabis.
  4. Eliminate also the leaves inside of the weed plant which also causes overshadowing particularly on some essential spots for buds.
  5. Also, remove that foliage which is already yellow and old.

How to perform ‘schwazzing’ on plants?

Of course, there are some differences with how normal defoliation is done compared with Schwazzing that is why it also can improve the yield from your crops. To achieve that for your cultivation activity, you can try following the steps below.

  1. Start defoliating your crops by removing the large fan leaves particularly those that seem to block the light and air from coming into your crops. This has to be completed before the 12/12 switch.
  2. Defoliate again after 3 weeks when the 12/12 switch is over. Newer and maybe larger buds shall have been produced, too.

Schwazzing Tips

If you are a beginner and you think that your plant needs some defoliation, some schwazzing tips will help you out on that and you do not need to worry too much. Find out more about that from the list below.

  1. Before the flowering stage of your crops, make sure that you have done removing the fan leaves already.
  2. Check your crops after 3 weeks and see if it has become denser with more leaves. If this is so, prepare to do another defoliation procedure to perform so that the buds will continue to be exposed to the light. However, you have to be mindful of defoliating the crops too much as it may cause them to feel stunned.
  3. Remove only the necessary parts and leave some leaves to remain as the canopy of the precious weed plant. 
  4. Give enough nutrients and care to your crops so they can recover from it faster and most successfully.
  5. Plant energy is stimulated by the process of defoliation which is why removing the parts that use up most of it allows the plant to produce more yield of buds.
  6. After removing some of the leaves during this process means that there are less to remove also when its harvest time.
  7. This is a challenge to some experienced and inexperienced growers. The defoliation process has to be performed with extreme care despite the risks that there are in doing this. Some cannabis strains may not be able to survive and might just die even after you’ve taken good care of them.

Final Thoughts

Schwazzing could be the answer to cannabis growers’ need for a higher yield but will always need careful hands to be a successful one. Likewise, science truly has its contribution to everything that your cannabis plant needs. You just need to learn how to do them properly and apply them to your cannabis crops. As the grower of those precious green herbs, it is both your responsibility and privilege to see how things work for them and to enjoy its result after a few weeks. You can also get the best seeds at outdoor cannabis seeds. All of your efforts to make wonderful crops shall be rewarded at the end during the harvest time.