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Rosenthal Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Rosenthal Marijuana Seeds is a balanced indica-sativa strain with heavy yields. This is an early bloomer only 8 to 10 weeks after germination with buds with earthy, lime, pine, mint, pineapple, and sweet flavors. This strain is creative, euphoric, talkative, relaxing, and tingly with lime, earthy, pine, mint, and pineapple flavors.

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More About Rosenthal (fem)

Exhibiting One of the World’s Finest Hybrids

Rosenthal is the result of a sophisticated amalgamation that has been around for many years already. It is a hybrid formulated from the genetics of South Asian and Mexican strains. Its formulation was not that smooth. It even consumed a long period to complete the cross successfully based on good yield and rich resin.

Its tropical flavor and sugary smell have always delighted the cannabis enthusiasts. Once the vapor penetrates the system, the instantaneous body blush directs to a discernible glow. Instantly, it satisfies the anatomy with its relaxing effects that do not involve pain and ache. A slithering cerebral buzz comes after, thanks to its THC content that ranges from 15 to 19 percent. Although the high starts at being mild, it rapidly aggravates, gripping artistry and the longing to communicate simultaneously.


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