Rainbow Sherbert Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Rainbow Sherbet, also known as Rainbow Sherbert, is a rare hybrid in places like the USA and Canada, making it very well-known in these countries. This marijuana strain is a product of Apothecary Genetics, its fast flowering time and having a medium yield with very delicious buds are the reasons why love by every cannabis connoisseur. Rainbow Sherbert Fem strain is an offspring of two unique varieties, Champagne Kush and Blackberry. This bud has lemon-shaped leaves and small greenish-orange hairs with an amber-colored trichome.

This strain is famous for its sweet, fruity flavor as well as its menthol effects when exhaled.  According to Rainbow Sherbet fans, it has helped create a cerebral uplift, focuses their thoughts, and inspires. Many people said they felt this strain’s effect and began to experience calming effects that evolved into a heavy-body stone as the sedative worked its effect.

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Rainbow Sherbert Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa)

Genetics Parents: Champagne Kush x Blackberry

Flowering Period: 6-7 weeks

Climate: Warm

Yield: 350-400 gr/m2

Flavors: Kush, hash, fruity, sweet

THC Level:  18-24%

CBD Level:  Low

Height: Medium

Harvest Period: End of September

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Rainbow Sherbert Feminized Marijuana? 

Rainbow Sherbert marijuana has a sweet berry aroma with a peppery aftertaste that blends with fresh mint. The fresh-berry and earthy-minty smell are very distinct. Following your first breath of smoke, you’ll be hit with a burst of creative energy that infuses you with focus and elevates your spirits. Since your body relaxes, your mind will also relax, almost instantly dropping you into a state of extreme physical lethargy. 

Rainbow Sherbert cannabis releases happy hormones to make you feel better and push you toward self-confidence. It’s a quick change of effects and allows you to decrease negativity.

What are the Medical Benefits of Rainbow Sherbert Marijuana? 

The uplifting and energizing strain commonly found in Sativas is known as having creative and psychedelic properties. Indica, on the other hand, gives its users a feeling of body high but makes them calm and relaxed. Typically, the healing cannabinoid CBD levels are higher in Indica varieties.

With its high 20%-22% average THC level,  making it an average potent strain, Rainbow Sherbert effects will give importance to medical benefits such as chronic pain, arthritis, spinal cord injury, anxiety, and nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Rainbow Sherbert Marijuana? 

Having pleasure in smoking weeds, expect that you will get adverse reaction aftermath. Common effects such as dry- mouth and red eyes are manageable as long users take the right dosage as their body permits. Always keep water to keep you hydrated, as well as eye drops if you have sensitive eyesight.

How to Grow Rainbow Sherbert Marijuana Seed? 

Rainbow Sherbet is a moderately hard-to-cultivate strain; growers should be knowledgeable when it comes to this strain. This cannabis plant prefers warm environments and gets less water. It is essential to select a space with plenty of air and sunlight to ensure a well-flavored, fragrant, and robust plant. Its flowering period lasts only 6-7 weeks. Additionally, to being outside, it will be ready in September. This marijuana seed produces yields of 350-400 gr/m2.



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