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Purple Star Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Purple Star Killer Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa strain with high THC at 18 percent. It can flower early at 8 to 10 weeks giving you berry, citrus, earthy, sweet and grape-flavored buds. This strain is very euphoric, sleepy, relaxing and uplifting great for anxiety, pain, insomnia, stress and inflammation.

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Purple Star Killer (fem)

Why Not Defy the Purple Stars?

Purple Kush and Star Killer are both Indica hybrids. Each strain also carries unique traits that are beneficial to cannabis enthusiasts. But equally important to the characteristics that they impart, these strains can quickly propagate too. The amalgamation of these two strains has given birth to a newcomer. The offspring carries the definite attributes of each of them.

Purple Star Killer feminized flourishes into a condensed plant that is likely to become leafy. The need for vertical spaces should not be a concern. However, the lateral spacing would need some supervision, particularly when the foliage becomes dense.

Furthermore, the plant is strong enough to combat common elements and some small errors that may be committed by beginners. Nonetheless, adjustments should take place immediately. The plant can go through stress once exposed to high pH levels or temperature. Other than these considerations, the plant should grow smoothly.


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