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Planting Pot Seeds for a Closet Crop

Pot planting seeds for a closet crop need to be chosen carefully before the order are placed to buy the cannabis seed. This is important, since the closet growing area normally does not have a lot of room for mature flowering weed plants.

There are strains that are a size that make it possible to have a larger crop growing in the closet and that will mean a larger yield at harvest. The other thing that the closet grower will find when planting pot seeds or when they buy cannabis seeds for this purpose is that many plants are genetically bred to grow a shorter height, but do not lack in the level of potency and it is possible to buy cheap cannabis seeds.

Planting pot seeds for the closet crop is done just the same as it would be for a larger indoors growing area, light is necessary and so is ventilation, since they are the same plants, just growing in a smaller area. The marijuana plants will require the same nutrients and amount of care. The better the grower cares for their cannabis plants after planting the pot seeds the more potent weed they will have after harvest to smoke.

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