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Popcorn Buds: What Should Growers do to Them?

Popcorn buds are the type of buds that intends to grow with the same size as the popcorn food. A bad case of these buds is that these small and fluffy flowers may not turn into genuine nuggets. Consequently, these will never level up on the fact that it will grow well. Popcorn buds can be regularly seen on the lower part, hiding at some point or not, from your cannabis plant.

Clearly, this phenomenon, where popcorn buds happen, bears a significant issue of worry if you are growing some cannabis, and you want to maximize the yields of it. The popcorn buds are the outcome when your growing room is not best enough. As then, these buds are less dense and cute as well.

Popcorn Buds

How to Solve Popcorn Buds

Through some ecological pressure or stress that is happening, popcorn buds can easily grow, and the best thing that you should do about it is by controlling them. In spite of the fact that it will be simpler to hold situations like room temperature within your house or grown indoors, some steps will be lent as well to you in order to minimize the occurrence of popcorn buds.

Indoor Cultivation: The Ways on How to Solve Popcorn Buds

  • The main key that you must do is by checking the temperature of your growing room. As then, this must be done regularly and not just at the time that you remembered it.
  • In a general aspect, any type of cannabis doesn’t want the atmosphere that is too hot or too cold. Your growing temperature must then be placed in the middle at all without touching too much hotness or too much coldness.
  • The ideal room temperature must be near to 25 degrees Celsius whenever the lights that you are utilizing are on, and if the lights are off, then the best temperature must go beyond 15 degrees Celsius. However, do not go over and over or far from 15 degrees Celsius.
  • In spite that you are now using room lights, you also need to choose the correct type as wrong growing lamps or light may instill popcorn buds. If you are using the High-Performance HID lamps or LED lights, you must take precautions as the lamp temperature can elevate whenever the developing space is not at its best.
  • You should check and measure the distance of your cannabis plant to the lights, and if necessary, add more space to lessen the heat stress that your cannabis plant may penetrate.
  • Keep your growing room well-ventilated. Furthermore, you can put a swivel fan that will blow some air but in a soft manner.
  • If you can invest in some device that can measure the room temperature and humidity of the growing room, it’s best to buy some of this as this will help you in monitoring whatever fluctuations may happen.
  • Do not grow too much cannabis plant when your cultivation space is not enough to accommodate the number of your cannabis plant. Therefore, do not overcrowd your growing space.
  • Put some space between your cannabis plants so that every cannabis plant will receive enough light and air.
  • At the point when your cannabis plants develop huge fan leaves, which causes the lower parts of it shaded away from the light, you need to trim or defoliate the leaves as this will permit the light and air to pass through easily.

Outdoors Cultivation: The Ways on How to Solve Popcorn Buds

  • We can never deny the fact that it is quite hard to control the temperature when you are growing your cannabis plant outdoors. But then, you can perform some things that would lessen the stress that your cannabis plant may feel, and this starts with putting some shading screen.
  • Any form of shading screen may help in lowering the temperature and heat coming from the sun as this will shade your cannabis plant.
  • If you are situated in a place that summer season or somehow with a hot atmosphere goes over for months and months, you need to consider the idea of growing your cannabis plant once this phase of the year is about to end or have already ended.
  • Consider the growing space, as well as some outdoor cultivation rooms, may not bear a wide space. As then, you need to make sure that your cannabis plant can grow well in a place with wide space.

Alternative Ways on How to Solve Popcorn Buds


  • Pruning is part of the core keys on how to prevent popcorn buds, and this can be done by expelling the lower part of your cannabis plant. Doing this so, it will increment bushier growth, which the focus is by growing more buds on the top part of the cannabis plant.


  • You should expel the neglected buds that are sitting on the lower part of your cannabis plant, as this will help in diverting the energy of your plant towards the top part. However, do not overdo this as removing a large number of it may cause stress towards the plant.
  • Lollipoping heightens air circulation around the lower portion of your cannabis plant. Again, do not overdo the lollipoping way as this will diminish the number of your yields as well.

The Screen of Green (ScrOG)

  • ScrOG method, or widely known as Screen of Green, is also the best key that will stop popcorn buds from appearing. This will not only stop popcorn buds, as this likewise helps in maximizing the yields. Here are some of the few things you need to have to act the Screen of Green method.
  1. The Screen of Green net or mesh that has the wideness of 5 centimeters.
  2. Eight (8) pieces of long woods that will serve as the frame.
  3. Enough pieces of U-nails, brackets, and screws that will connect the net and frames.

The Causes why Popcorn Buds Occur

  • Even if you are a seasoned grower, you can never escape that your buds can transform into popcorn buds. The origin of the popcorn buds may be due to stress that your plant handles along with the excessive heat from the start until the time your cannabis has grown.
  • Preventing too much heat is good; however, too much shadowing will also do no good on your cannabis plant. As a result, balance the light coming from the sun or lamps with shading.
  • Overcrowding that the space of your growing room is concealed can be the cause of why popcorn buds occur.
  • High humidity and poor ventilation that hinders the air and light from penetrating and flowing correctly also taps the idea of why popcorn buds occur.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Popcorn Buds

  • The occurrence of popcorn buds may lower the number of your yields as these buds may not appear to be extremely dense and little that some cannabis users may not want to utilize this.
  • Utilizing popcorn buds also brings you a good thing as all the underlying effects and potency are just the same with the normal or correct buds. It may tend to lower the effects and potency but only in rare cases.
  • If you’re a cannabis devotee and you have attempted to explore some new cannabis with a careful spending plan, then popcorn buds will save you or could be the best choice for you. Some cannabis dispensaries offer popcorn buds at a lower cost as they are commonly labeled as “B Grade” cannabis.
  • As well as using regular buds to edibles or vaping, you can also resort to popcorn buds as the element that you will add instead of the regular buds.  Additionally, popcorn buds are also the plausible choice if you wanted to make some hash or resin.
  • Furthermore, popcorn buds can be utilized as the main key for cannabis oil. If you are selling some cannabis buds and wanted to try some but don’t want to waste any of your cannabis, then you can resort to popcorn buds as more people want the regular ones, and you will be savoring onto it. As then, you are hitting two birds with one stone.


Popcorn buds will forever be one of the outcomes whenever ecological stress has hit within the cultivation process of your cannabis plant. Despite the fact that popcorn buds may don’t have the same size as the regular cannabis buds, you can still gain the same potency and effects out of it.

If the moment comes that popcorn buds are now in your cannabis plants occurring, you can rely on pruning, lollipoping, ScrOG method, and all the given statements above on how to curb on it. One major thing that will save you from the occurrence of popcorn buds is not inflicting any stress to your cannabis plant. As such, you need to maintain consistency in the care you should give on the plant, especially on the part that it doesn’t want to be in a crowded growing room with too many fluctuations happening within the growing temperature.

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