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Platinum Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Platinum Cookies Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain at 24 percent making it very relaxing, calming, and euphoric. It is a tall strain growing up to 170 cm tall and can produce up to 450 grams per square meter indoors. This is a relaxing, sleepy, sedating, and euphoric strain with berry and spicy flavors.

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25 Seeds$240.00

More About Platinum Cookies Feminized

A Member of the Elite Class of Cannabis

Platinum Cookies is part of an elite group of cannabis that lends its strength and potency from Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and even Durban Poison. Such heritage allowed this weed to grow vibrant and vigorous, and with this feminized version, growers can expect even more yields from an all-female crop. This Indica dominant strain starts with a playful euphoric rush that entertains the mind and boosts its creativity. The mental clarity you receive from this strain allows for better productivity. This makes the herb a better daytime strain; however, the later stages of this weed will leave one feeling relaxed and sedated.

Beginners can immediately feel their revitalized senses after smoking this weed. The relaxing sensations help control any feelings of pain in the body. Once it reaches it speak, you can bet that you will have the best sleep ever with its sedative properties.

If you plan on growing this indoor, topping and cropping should be your priority. Platinum Cookies grow best when they are under the Mediterranean sun.


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