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Planting Pot Seeds in a Sea of Green

Planting pot seeds in a sea of green is a term that experienced growers know means growing the marijuana plants in between other tall growing plants. This is a way to plant the cannabis in the open, but at the same time keep it hidden, which makes it easier to tend to for some growers.

Growers that order planting pot seeds will want to buy a strain of seeds that will grow to a height that they can still be hidden among the vegetables or flowers they are planted along with. There are growers that plant the sea of green crop merging cannabis plants and plants like corn to keep them totally hidden from view. It is possible to find cheap seeds for planting the pot seeds along with other plants that have a large yield at harvest and that also have a high THC level.

This will mean having some great weed from all the hard work of tending the outdoors cannabis crop. Planting pot seeds indoors has more protection than the cannabis that is planted outdoors, but planting a weed crop outdoors has its own benefits, like a larger yield.

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