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Breeding and Genetics of Planting Pot Seeds

The breeding and genetics of cannabis seeds will be seen when planting pot seeds and growing the plants to maturity. The seedbanks have all types of seeds that have genetics that make them flower earlier, that make them certain sizes and other benefits for growers. The breeding gives growers the benefit of crosses that combine indica and sativa for a great high.

There are pot seeds that are specifically bred as hybrids and that have special flavors like blueberry mixed with a Kush strain giving the weed smoker a flavor of blueberry and a Kush high. The breeding and genetics have made it possible to buy pot seeds that are feminized, which means there are no males to separate from the crop and that equals a larger yield.

Autoflowering pot seeds are another benefit of genetics and breeding growers can order cheap, which has created a compact cannabis plant that matures between 8 and 10 weeks and is perfect for all growing environments with heights between 12 and 20 inches. These can be planted outdoors, mixed with other plants easily, they are great to grow indoors in soil and they thrive in the hydroponics setup.

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