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Planting Pot Seeds and Have a Constant Harvest

Planting pot seeds and have a constant harvest is one way that a grower can avoid having to ever buy weed. This is easy to do and does not require any extra care, just smart planning. The continuous harvest of cannabis is usually an indoors crop, because outdoors the growing season might not be long enough. The indoors cannabis crop can be one in soil or one that is in a hydroponics setup.

When the grower places an order for planting pot seeds, they should buy enough that they have extra over the amount of plants they intend to grow in the crop. They should also make sure to have some extra room in their growing area, since having continuous growing marijuana plants will mean that plants will be added at intervals.

This is also something growers can do that is cheap to order the cannabis seeds. The goal is planting pot seeds and allowing them to grow a few weeks and then starting the next plants. That will mean that there will be a constant harvest and growing this way will mean the grower is never out of weed, since it is a revolving maturing crop.

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