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Papaya weed

Papaya marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers the best of both worlds. Like any other hybrid strain, this marijuana offers an uplifting boost in your mood and attitude while mellowing your mind and body to a relaxing and tranquil high. It offers the cerebral qualities of a Sativa while promoting Indica induced relaxation of both the body and mind. This strain may be the perfect weed to accompany you on a lazy afternoon when all you want to do is kick back and enjoy the rest of the day. This is a strain that overflows with tropical fruit flavors and scents, and it’s like taking your mind away to a tropical location where everything is free-flowing and soothing.

What is Papaya Strain?

This tropical fruit-flavored marijuana packs a THC content between 15% to 25% but averages around the 23% THC mark, while its CBD content is at 1%. This cannabis offers a very classic Indica stone of putting the user into a very calming, narcotic state. Numbness may take over when the high reaches its peak and a sense of contentment and happiness will flow through the user’s minds. Papaya marijuana strain was bred by Nirvana Seeds from Amsterdam using Citral #13 cannabis, which has a pure landrace lineage, and Ice #2 hybrid. The resulting cannabis strain lives up to its name as having very excellent tropical flavors and scents with strong papaya and earthy overtones. The Sativa effects of this strain will make the user feel a sense of upliftment in their moods and a feeling of being light-minded which induces the creative juices of the user to run wild and free. As the euphoric mood continues sudden warmth envelopes the entire body putting him in a calmed bliss. This desirable feeling of total body tranquility will make the user feel lazy. The hybrid nature of this strain enables this marijuana strain to exhibit both Indica and Sativa effects at the same time. But all these effects demonstrated above are only true when this weed is taken in moderation. We will further discuss the explosive effects of this weed when the Indica high kicks into high gear when the dosage is increased later.

Papaya Growing Information

The Papaya cannabis strain is an easy to grow weed that new growers could hone their cultivation skills while growing this hybrid. Since this strain is very sturdy, this may be grown either indoors or outdoors. But since this Indica leaning strain was originally bred in Amsterdam, we should take note that this strain is used to colder temperatures and this was in an indoor growing set-up. However, over the years, this strain has learned to adapt to some outdoor weather in the continental US and has fared well in warmer weather. Nowadays, these strains have acclimatized and actually do very well in a Mediterranean climate where it is warm, sunny, and humid. These hardy strains have developed their resistance to molds and mildew, but it is advisable to keep humidity levels on the low side when this weed enters its flowering stage just to prevent any mold or mildew development in their buds. If this is not properly addressed, these molds and mildew could wipe out the whole harvest.

Growing information for indoor

Papaya cannabis strain seeds, if germinated adequately, will grow very well in an indoor setting. This strain loves warmer temperatures so adjusting temps to meet the plant’s requirement will help this plant grow well indoors. Other growing conditions such as fixed lighting schedules, adjusting humidity levels, and even giving the plant its regular nutritional requirements will keep this plant on the healthier side. This is the advantage of growing this weed indoors as you can control the growing conditions to maximize the potential of this strain. Papaya marijuana growth time is relatively quick. They will be starting to flower in just 8 to 9 weeks and expect a generous yield of up to 15 ounces of fresh bud per square meter.

Growing information for Outdoor

Growing the Papaya cannabis hybrid outdoors is also a good option if you live in an area where the temperatures are on the warmer side. Choosing to grow these plants outdoors at warm temperatures will benefit the plant by exposing it to all the natural elements that nature offers. A Sunny, and dry environment with all the nutrients that nature has to offer from the soil, air, and sun will be readily available for the plant to absorb. These natural conditions will greatly help in the plants healthy and productive growth. It will start flowering by late September and because this plant is exposed to its natural environment, it will reward the grower with a whopping 28 ounces of fresh bud per plant, which is close to about 800 grams of weed per plant!

Medical Benefits of Papaya strain

Even with a low CBD content, this strain offers medical marijuana patients a variety of medicinal options. These benefits are the reason this weed has made positive reviews because this originally bred recreational strain has medicinal qualities that a lot of medical cannabis patients look for. Being an indica heavy strain, the numbing effects of this strain has made it a favorite of medical cannabis patients seeking to relieve them of their chronic pains and aches. recurring headaches, back pains, and the like, are numbed and muscles are relaxed. This makes for a pain-free individual who can freely move about and function properly and go about his daily chores without any pain hindering his movements.

Papaya’s medical Sativa effect on the other hand helps eliminate negative and worrisome thoughts that bring about anxiety, stress, and depression. Medical cannabis patients suffering from these disorders are full of negativity and their minds continuously think about these cynical thoughts, impeding the patient to think and function in his right frame of mind. By taking all these evil ideas away, what is left are positive vibes within the users’ minds. This enables the patient to relax and calmly enjoy his high while gleefully thinking of happy thoughts.

Papaya Cannabis Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Novice users and people with low THC tolerance should avoid using this strain. With an average THC content of 23%, this Indica-dominant hybrid is considered one of the most potent strains currently circulating in the cannabis market today. Even a majority of the cannabis industry recognize this weed as an incredibly strong dominant hybrid strain.

The high starts with a prominent euphoric feeling where happiness and energy-boosting effects take control of the user’s mind. A sense of uplifted mood also brings positivity to the user making him face tasks and duties in a calm and constructive way. As the user starts to enjoy his daily tasks, a calming buzz takes over his body putting the user into a stress-free state of mind. As the Indica starts to kick in, a heavy body-numbing high impacts the user. This high will balance itself and the Sativa effects may counter the Indica effects by keeping the mind and body alert and energetic if taken in the right dosage and moderation.

But for those cannabis connoisseurs really wanting to push the limit, this Indica dominant hybrid will make its presence felt by completely transforming the body into a motionless sack of flesh. Total lethargy and couch-locking will be the order of the day when this weed is consumed in high amounts. It will not be an anxious high but rather a pleasant numbness where it is your choice not to flinch an inch, but would rather stay on your comfortable couch the whole day.


The scent from the Papaya is what it is, that of Papaya. the fruity goodness of this strain is so prevalent that smelling it from afar will never make you think you are smelling weed. This aroma is joined by an earthy pleasantness that is not overpowering to the nostrils. As for it its taste, the same papaya flavor will dominate your taste buds mixed with hints of fruity citrus flavors.

Shishkaberry Profile

Strain Genetics – Cintral No.13 and Ice No.2

Strain Dominant – 20% Sativa and 80% Indica

THC Content – 23%

CBD Content -1%

Flowering  Time – 8 to 9 weeks indoor and late September outdoors

Flowering Type – Photoperiod

Strain Sex – Feminized

Yield – 15 ounces indoor and 28 ounces outdoor

Taste / Flavor – Papaya, Sweet, Fruity, Pungent and Earthy

Effects –  Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, and Sleepy

May Relieve – Stress, Depression, Pain, and Insomnia

Best to Grow – indoors/outdoors

Final Thoughts

Considered one of the most potent strains in the market today, the Papaya strains offers its users an explosive high that mixes the best effects of Sativa and Indica combined. The cerebral high of uplifting one moods and completely energizing him makes this a productive strain to start with but once the indica sets in, the THC in this strain will elevate this high to another level, especially if taken in large doses. A complete body-numbing high will prevail as soon as the indica kicks in. this numbing high will not give an anxious high but instead it will offer a pleasantly calming high that most users enjoy. so if you are ready to take the plunge and experience something you have never thought existed before, don’t be deceived as to the tropical fruit vibe this papaya can offer will bring you to nirvana and beyond.

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