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Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds for Outdoor Farming

With the knowledge that the best yields come from plant grown outdoors with the direct sunlight and choosing the most suitable place to start your farming, the next step is choosing the best seeds to be planted. There is a wide variety of strains that you could choose from. There are some specialized outdoor cannabis seed strains, specifically breeded for natural weather conditions, with qualities of high pest attack resistance and maximum sunlight absorption. They are very well acclimatized strains prepared for worst and harsh weather condition. They give out a much increased yield rate if planted in warm or well sun lighted area. If so needed you can use a commercially prepared high grade tomato soil to replaced dug out original soil.
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Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor Farming

If you were given the choice between growing the cannabis indoors or outdoors, what would you opt to? Probably in the beginning, many growers would go for indoors because it brings much higher yields and less contact with the plants they grow will bring less fun and excitement. You are probably right.

But most competent and experienced growers will know the difference in the effect, taste and smell when it comes to choosing between artificial and naturally grown marijuana buds. When it comes to the smoke and sensation the buds give, they could discriminately know the big difference. Even if the indoor grower can give all the nutrients at the exact amount and at a precise time and prepare the most suitable growing environment, the buds still would not give out the best taste and the high would not still be as positive as the naturally grown marijuana buds.

The element of best smoke, taste and sensation are all in the real natural sunlight, fresh rain water and natural air. So in as far as the smoke, high sensation and positive vibes are concerned, the outdoor grown buds are still simply better.

Remember: it is strictly advised that germination of cannabis seeds should be at home and seedlings should be transplanted after the last frost in the month of May or June.

Listed below is few selected collection of cannabis strains specially for outdoor growing. Included are the most popular ones, the early spring favorites and strains intended for colder climates. These strains also finish early and do not need that long period of flowering. They are also more resistant to humidity and mould:

  • Hollands Hope- easy to grow and has high levels of THC. This plant does not grow very tall and does not smell that much. These two considerations are important for making it hard for strangers to spot and find out the plant.
  • Purple Power 35EUR- acclaimed to be the 2007 Bestseller. A definitely high against stoned effect. Gives eye opening visuals
  • Bob Marley Sativa- produces small but heavy buds, with long and leggy branches. Best for outdoor growing, especially in warm areas, the yield can really be optimum. It is suitable for a Jamaican outdoor.

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