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Growers can now choose from wide ranging cannabis seeds and order marijuana seeds from us. You can enjoy seeing your marijuana plant grow. Aside from that, you can also save a lot of money when you grow weeds. There are a lot of questions that are commonly asked by our customers and growers as well about growing there marijuana plants. We answer some of those questions. Read on.

Why is ‘Light Intensity” important in the flowering stage for your marijuana from seeds to plant?

When you order marijuana seeds online, it is also a good idea to research about the lighting technique that you should use in your marijuana plants. You should plan ahead enable for you to have a success in your marijuana growing adventure. Light timetable is a vital aspect of growing your marijuana seeds because the percentage of lightings will facilitate in flowering the Canabas seeds and fully growing it as well. In general view, the Canabas plant will grow in size if it is more exposed on light intensity for at least fourteen hours on a regular basis that producing good breed of buds during the Vegetation facet of growing marihuana strains. And if we reverse the cycle, and decrease the light exposure of the flowering Canabis plant down to twelve hours on a daily basis, it will then produce good and quality Marijuana buds than gaining its weight.

What is the best lighting schedule that you should administer in growing your marijuana plants?

Conventionally speaking, growers cannot  utilize the light schedules for an ordinary Indica or Sativa marijuana plant flowering phase to Lowryder, or much popularly known as “Auto-flowering” technique. Why? This is because it requires diverse approach on lighting exposure to achieve a quality flowering result. Unlike other methods in flowering Canabas seeds, Auto flowering techniques do not heavily rely on Light schedule because they can automatically flower their Marihuana plant in just a short span of two weeks. As a matter of fact, you can achieve the Marijuana growth result with just going into the process for about three months or less even though you have not expose the Marijuana plant with the lighting regularly. When you order Marijuana seeds online, you can also choose different options like purchasing Auto flowering cannabis seeds especially if you are a first time grower of Marijuana weeds.

How much water should I give my marijuana plant?

For Cannabis growers who utilized sterile soil in cultivating their Marijuana plant, it is highly recommended that they sprinkle ample amount of water to the soil in order to keep it hydrated and moisturized. This will benefit your plant and will give them better venue to grow accordingly. To check if your soil already needs water supply, you can touch the soil and you will also see cracks on the soil platform.Certainly, there are a lot of medium that can used up in growing your Canabas seeds aside from a sterile soils, however, you must understand that the Water supply may be different. One effective tip is watering them every morning and checks them in the afternoon. Usually, you need to be more critical in monitoring the need for water for Marijuana plants grown outside because you can never control the intensity of the sunlight unlike the exposure of light in an indoor growing environment. Keeping your marijuana strain seeds hydrated all the time and maintain ample amount of moisture and humidity, you definitely attain more harvest annually.

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