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Orange Creamsicle Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Crossbreeding the Orange Crush and Juicy fruit strains have created the Orange Creamsicle Feminized strain. This Sativa-dominant cannabis is named after an iced dessert because of its delicious aroma and taste. It has a melt-in-your-mouth effect that leaves its users wanting more of this citric treat. Effective THC content makes this a fast-acting cannabis that produces a euphoric cerebral buzz and a very relaxing body relaxation. What’s more, the Orange Creamsicle Feminized strain flowers fast and yield abundantly.

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Orange Creamsicle Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit
Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Temperate, Mediterranean
Yield: 350-400G/M² indoors / 450G per plant outdoors
Flavors: Orange, Citrus, Tropical, Vanilla, Earthy
THC Level: 7-18%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: Late September to Mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Orange Creamsicle Feminized Strain?

The Orange Creamsicle Feminized strain certainly tastes and smells like its namesake. It has an unbelievably sweet and tropical aroma. It smells like ripe oranges and mangoes, transporting its users to a fruit stand with fresh fruits. And the aroma becomes more noticeable when the buds are combusted or crushed, exuding delicate notes of vanilla and earthy hints. As for its flavors, they taste citric, like oranges and citrus combined with tones of creamy vanilla. This weed leaves a tropical, fruity, milky aftertaste that lingers long in the mouth on the exhale.

Boasting 7-18% of THC levels, Orange Creamsicle is versatile enough to enjoy any type of user of all levels. This Sativa is one fast-acting strain. Initially, it provides a euphoric cerebral high after just a few puffs. A few moments later, users will experience uplifting effects that gradually intensify after a few minutes, making users feel light, happy, and smiling. It also delivers an ecstatic mood that gets rid of any negative thoughts. Aside from that, it offers a boost of motivation to users for long periods. Slowly, a surge of energy revitalizes the whole body and wraps it in extreme relaxation. The sensation urges users to chill and take it slow. The Orange Creamsicle strain can be used in the morning or early afternoon.

What are the Medical Benefits of Orange Creamsicle Feminized Strain?

Apart from providing recreational effects, the Orange Creamsicle feminized strain is famous for its medical benefits. It offers relief from mental health concerns as it can enhance the mood. Moreover, the mood-stabilizing effects effectively help users suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It can also calm the mind and give users a more positive outlook. Moreover, it can ease chronic body pains such as fatigue, cramps, and tension. It is proven that the Orange Creamsicle effectively works for all these physical and mental health issues.

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Orange Creamsicle Feminized Strain

Like any marijuana strain, the Orange Creamsicle Femiznied strain produces unavoidable adverse reactions. The most common ones are experiencing dry eyes and cottonmouth. This occurrence happens due to interference with the body’s moisture production. It may be a mild effect, but it can cause discomfort, so it’s best to chug down water to stay hydrated. At times, especially when consumed excessively, users may feel dizzy and experience paranoia. Others may experience headaches and couchlock.

How to Grow Orange Creamsicle Feminized Strain

Growing the Orange Creamsicle Feminized strain is moderately easy. It has the same growth pattern as its parent strain. This cannabis plant can grow indoors and outdoors and performs well in warm, temperate, and Mediterranean climates. When exposed to constant sunlight, this strain flowers fast. However, it does not adapt well in northern latitudes. In cases where the growers are in the northern regions, it is best to grow the seeds indoors to adjust the temperature quickly. And since it grows tall, growers may need to use topping or shortening the flowering period to manage its height. It responds well to the Screen of Green method. The plant has a total flowering period of 7-9 weeks. When the buds have matured, growers can harvest healthy buds around 350-400G/M². Outdoors, yields can be harvested around late September to mid-October, producing up to 450G per plant of trichome-frosted buds.

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  1. Vick Newton

    I’ve tried many seed suppliers over the years, but none compare to Mary Janes Garden. Their seeds consistently produce robust, healthy plants with impressive yields.

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