What is Ocimene: An Overview

For years, we already know terpenes as the sole key in bringing the spice in every form of cannabis ingestion. We knew how it affected the impact of cannabis on the mind and body, especially as it heightens the experience even more. 

But, what we missed from knowing such information is that there are types of terpenes that don’t only give out an intention related to scent and flavor. There exists a variety of terpenes that are highly potential in the field of medicine, and one of them is Ocimene.

Besides giving you insightful knowledge about Ocimene, we will guide you towards a better understanding of its importance among patients who have medical ailments.

What is Ocimene?

In terms of science, Ocimene consists of isomeric hydrocarbons, which pertain to different arrangements of molecular structure. As for its chemical properties, it is a colorless compound that boils at 66 degrees Celsius. Usually, Ocimene is present in plants and fruits. It has some similar resemblance with myrcene, starting with its category as an acyclic type of terpene. 

Analogously, Ocimene cannot reach stability when exposed to air and cannot be dissolved easily in any liquid body. But, it can be in some organic type of solvents like ethanol and acetone.

When mixed with other untainted compounds, Ociemene will produce a sweet, citrusy, herbal, and woody scent. Because of that, many are seeing its appearance in a wide assortment of fruits and herbs. Some of the assorted fruits and herbs are mangoes, orchids, pepper, mint, basil, parsley, cannabis, etc. Due to its perfume-worthy sent, some manufacturers are using its ability to create outstanding scented colognes.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a cannabis consumer and a hardcore one, you might want to reconsider the following strains with higher concentrations of Ocimene. The list includes OG Kush, Space Queen, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Golden Goat, and Harle Tsu.

But, what’s so special about Ocimene anyway? Well, the great thing about the terpene is its abundancy in collecting therapeutic capabilities. Recent studies show promising potential benefits acquired from Ocimene, where the efficacy is not available in some forms of terpenes. 

Alpha Ocimen and Beta Ocimene: Contrasting two forms of Ocimene

Surprisingly, Ocimen is doubled into two with contrasting features and specifications, the Alpha and Beta Ocimene. To differentiate the two from each other, let’s specify the distinguishable properties they have.

Alpha Ocimene or α-Ocimene

This type of Ocimene is profusely available in vegetables that are in color green and Curcuma, where turmeric originated. The scent gives off has a combination of fruit and flower with traces of musty tinges, which is almost the same as wet clothes. The odor of an unripe mango came from Alpha Ocimene.

Studies proved the therapeutic effects of Alpha Ocimene when a group of researchers in 2004 gave rise to a noteworthy conclusion. A particular essential oil that possesses a high level of Alpha Ocimene found to be anticonvulsant and anti-insomniac. The model used is seizures and sleep disorders.

Beta Ocimene or β-Ocimene

Unlike the latter, Beta Ocimene is abundant in typically common types of monoterpenes present in our surroundings. Monoterpenes are already remarkably excellent in treating ailment conditions, which will undoubtedly mark Beta Ocimene’s well capabilities. It has a scent like a floral bouquet that will certainly turn heads. Also, the abundance of it exists in various types of flowers.

After reviewing the characteristics of two derived forms of Ocimene, it is clear that the chemical compound is capable of exhibiting medical advantages, among other benefits. Admittedly, the two are preferable, with their head-turning odors and the convenience it gives when you wish to find it in fruits and flowers.

Developing Ocimene for Industrial Improvement

Besides being a modified tool for medical assistance, (which we will be discussed further later), Ocimene is currently in the talk for extensive usage in the industry. One of the fascinating improvements is the effect it has on honey bees. It encouraged marijuana industries to make honey out of cannabis plants with honeybees undergoing training. Rather than gathering flowers, they collect resin instead. 

A plan proposed during the year 2015 was also impressive. The involved are purely-trained honey bees to spot and identify illegal activity regarding unlawful substances. Other than that, an investigation concluded that Ocimene might be a potential renewable foundation of biofuels since it has high density and has the same properties as biofuel’s sources.

Still, a proposal or not, Ocimene is already on the run to put its name in the line of the most useful substances to exist. However, due to unapproved suggestions and recommendations (despite being decent), it is almost impossible not to imagine Ocimene intertwining with known industries. 

Distinguishing Ocimene for Medical Field Involvement

In general, Ocimene, alone can compete with pharmaceutical products in some selected ways. But if you wish to be extra-specific, it would be best to know that forms of Ocimene, especially the Beta one, would contribute to the turf of medicine. With only a few tweaks in conducting research and findings, it would be impossible to bypass its benefits.

Nonetheless, in terms of generalization, here are the therapeutic benefits of Ocimene:

Ocimene as an Antiviral

This finding is outstandingly different from what other marijuana compounds can do. However, the downside of this part is the inability to treat bacterial ones, since it can only medicate viral infections. Still, it’s considerably a winning situation.

Ocimene as an Antifungal

The specific fungi Ocimene can tend to are mycoses like athlete’s foot, candidiasis, ringworm, and other severe infections like meningitis. Also, it can keep microorganisms from growing, especially those who may prompt diseases. Hopefully, further studies can show more promising antifungal abilities.

Ocimene as Decongestant

The decongesting property of Ocimene can relieve overcrowded conditions of the nasal part found in the respiratory system.

To recognize Beta Ocimene, you should be aware of its medical advantages. These are the following:

  • Ocimene B as an Antifungal.
  • Ocimene B is exhibiting resistance to pest attacks.
  • Ocimene B is showing its prolific antitumor properties, such as melanoma.
  • Ocimene B as an Antioxidant, according to a 2013 study, fused with essential oil that consists of black pepper.
  • Ocimene B and its role in potential type-2 diabetes management and prevention.
  • Ocimene B is preventing hypertension.
  • Ocimene B, found in Citrus flower, can result in Anti-inflammatory ability.

The recognition of Ocimene Beta in the medical field does not mean disregarding what Ocimene Alpha can do, because it is still highly valuable with its notable impacts. In conclusion, Ocimene should not only be another type of terpene. But, a groundbreaking compound that can cure numerous medical ailments.