NYPD Blue Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


NYPD Blue Autoflower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers a perfectly balanced high with all the attitude and funk of the Big Apple herself. Consumers will experience the spiciness of her Mexican heritage as well as the smelly odor of her indica roots by crossing El Dorado and Aurora Indica. Users should expect a good mix of higher and lower effects without the lethargy that often comes with heady highs due to this strain’s broad sweeping THC range; anywhere from 15 -24% is considered normal. NYPD Blue Autoflower height is exceptionally tall, with highly tight buds. They have pale amber trichomes and matching hairs and are long, narrow, and pepper-shaped. Users use this to alleviate discomfort, cramps, and tension. Ideal for use during the day.

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NYPD Blue Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type:  Sativa-dominant

Genetics Parents: El Dorado x Aurora Indica

Flowering Period: 9-11 weeks (indoors) mid-October to November (outdoors)

Climate: Sunny Warm Humid

Yield: 500-550 g/m2 (indoors) 350-400 gr/plant (outdoors)

Flavors: Orange Lemon Pine Earthy Diesel

THC Level: 15-24%

CBD Level:  1%

Height: Average

Harvest Period: unknown

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of NYPD Blue Autoflower Seeds?

NYPD Blue Autoflower is a sour strain with orange and lemon flavors. It is important. It goes well with the pine notes, which are both soothing and earthy. The smoke takes on a sour, diesel-like taste when you exhale.

NYPD Blue Autoflower strain has a fast-acting effect. A buzzing sensation will begin in the fingertips, spread to the head, and gradually cover the entire body. The consumer feels euphoric and energized all of a sudden.  This marijuana strain mood-lifting and energizing effects motivate the users to be more innovative, helping them develop ideas. NYPD Blue Autoflower is a perfect morning herb because the energy boost keeps the user on the move the whole time while still making them feel deeply calm and relaxed.

What are the Medical Benefits of NYPD Blue Autoflower Seeds?

Users love this NYPD Blue Autoflower for stress and depression relief because it is suitable for clearing the mind and bringing about an instant relaxative effect. Other mental disorders, such as ADHD and bipolar, may benefit from this strain.  Many that suffer from muscle spasms, cramps, or constant pain have experienced immediate relief from the effects of their conditions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from NYPD Blue Autoflower Seeds

NYPD Blue Autoflower, like other strains, has a moderate case of dehydration. Its common effects are dry eyes and dry mouth, which are the most affected areas by cannabinoids’ moisture-inhibiting properties. This marijuana strain may also cause temporary dizziness or a headache in some cases.

How to Grow NYPD Blue Autoflower Seeds 

If you are a consumer with less experience, growing this plant could be its only downside. NYPD Blue Autoflower strain is ideal for intermediate-level cultivators and above. This marijuana strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor systems, but many people prefer using a smell-proof device due to its strong odor. Its branches are similarly dense and robust, only breaking off due to the tree’s heavy buds or wind gusts’ weight. The buds always take on the same form.

NYPD Blue Autoflower strain has an indoor flowering cycle of 9-11 weeks in general. This strain can yield 14-18 ounces of plant per square meter on average. Grown in the backyard, NYPD Blue Autoflower produces at least 14 ounces typically per plant by the second or third week of October to early November. Under the expert treatment of a seasoned grower, it may flower as early as the last week of September.


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