New York Diesel Regular Marijuana Seeds


New York Diesel Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC content at 22 percent. It is a tall strain growing from 180 to 220 cm high and can produce up to 650 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. You will surely love its diesel, lime, and citrus flavors that linger longer.

Seed PriceQuantity
10 Seeds $60.00
20 Seeds $110.00
40 Seeds $200.00


More About New York Diesel 

With its exotic red grape smell and taste, New York diesel weeds is so popular and the favorite in the Big Apple.

A cross of the Mexican Sativa and Afghan strains, this wonderful plant, aside from its exotic taste and smell also gives an exotic cerebral high. NYCD emits a strong smell of ripe red grapefruits dominating the grow room and once touched will not let you be able to smell any other strains. It produces a diesel fuel like smell with a hint of grapes.

It is a typical Sativa-Indica mix that is perfect for indoor growing. The plant grows to a height of 65 cm. after completing a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks; it can be harvested in September. It will give a yield of 400 grams/plant.  THC level is very strong at 15 to 20%.

How To Buy Seeds For Growing New York Diesel

New York Diesel cannabis seed has been a constant favorite in the Big Apple. It has a smell of diesel with a touch of grapes. It is best grown indoors or greenhouses. Once you have smelled the grape-like smell of New York Diesel marijuana strain, you won’t be able to smell the other strains. It has a high THC level of 15% to 20%. This popular pot strain is for sale at our seed bank. We offer New York Diesel cannabis seed and other marijuana strains at a reasonable price you will surely adore. Our seed bank offers easy navigated and friendly website in which you can browse images and more details for New York Diesel and the other strains available. We have our seed support in which you can communicate with for your questions and queries.


Type : Mexican Sat. x Afgh. Flowering : 10 weeks
Climate : Indoor Stoned : Exotic High
Yield : 400 gms/plant THC level : 20%
Height : 35 – 65 cm Grow : Moderate


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