10 Most Expensive Weed in the World

We all know that great weed doesn’t frequently swallow the modesty of price. As then, it activates your ability and capacity on what exact amount you would like to spend for a top-notch weed? As this was an agricultural best creation, the costs of the weed may constantly vary from time to time.

At the point when a specific weed initially gets famous, you can wage the fact that it will cost you a chunk of your bills.  As then, you may question or ponder what is the most expensive weed then? In regards to the law of demand and supply, the prices will change in every single moment due to people’s demand or solely will base on the clients themselves, then the good amount of the weed’s components.

Most Expensive Weed

Seeds are sitting on to some degree of misstatement segment within the advertisement area of cannabis since lots of areas within the world still can’t seem to sanction the offer of seeds. As such, the standard of weed strains begun to falsely inflate the cost. The most costly weed strain is not just combining two single things with the usage of some regular things.

As a result, it covers an immense proportion of amount plus the likeliness of people with the new weed in the market that then results in one of the most expensive weed from time. To know the top ten (10) most expensive weeds throughout the long run in the cannabis industry, let us scroll down through this paper to know it.

Cannabis Caviar

  • Cannabis Caviar strain has various names, including, Caviar Concentrates, Caviar Gold Strain, Caviar Moon Rocks, Marijuana Caviar, or just the simple Moon Rocks.
  • The list of alternative names of this weed is similar to the idea of exceptionally great weed buds that is dipped to top-notch hash oil, then the next thing to do is to roll it in a kief.
  • The content of its THC level mounted up to 91 percent, making this weed as an incredibly strong weed to use.
  • The outcome of 91 percent THC was based on the fact of the materials and contents being combined together in order to come up with this result. Here are some of the cannabis strains that are used or combined during the procedures of making this weed; God Bud Strain, Grapefruit Weed, KGB Strain, THC Diamonds, and Mochi Strain.
  • Cannabis Caviar is essentially sold within the cannabis dispensaries you can find in North America. As then, it travels around the globe that you can find it in a local coffee store abroad.
  • In the event that you are a novice user, be wary of the strength of this weed as it may solidly kick you strong that you may end up feeling boosted outside the earth and swaying with the universe’s beauty.
  • The cost of Cannabis Caviar is around $1,400 per ounce, which then this takes the best position of being the most expensive weed.

Fruity Pebbles

  • A tropical aroma partnered with a sweet undertone, and the lingering fruity aftertaste is what you can savor on the Fruity Peebles weed. As then, this weed got its name from a mainstream cereal kicking you with the fruity undertones in taste and aroma.
  • The hereditary qualities of the Fruity Pebbles weed are not known so far, but rumors and through its potency, terpene, and appearance, it covers the contents of Grand Daddy Purple, Tahoe Alien, and Green Ribbon.
  • The way that this weed isn’t generally accessible bears to a way that its price is costly. This is a profoundly intense weed with the content of 22 percent in the THC level. The various lovers of Fruity Pebbles guarantee that this weed furnished relaxation all through your body bounded with some hallucinogenic impacts.
  • This weed has its unmistakable hues in the shades of purple, green, brown, and red. Its stature is overwhelming that it can develop to an extraordinary height along with an intense yield. 
  • In a range of $1,000 to $1,500 is the price you need to pay to get the Fruity Pebbles.

Irish Cream

  • Per its name, this weed suggests the creamy filling within the fragrance and flavor. As then, it takes after the Irish Cream coffee that you love from the start.
  • The taste of this weed is so astounding that the expense you can bring out from your pocket is so worthy at all.
  • Irish Cream weed rewards you with the 27 percent content in the THC level.
  • If you want to buy this weed, the value per ounce is around $500, the value per seed is, or the seed cost is $125, and the value for a clone of it is $200.

Isla OG Canned Cannabis

  • Isla OG weed is an Indica prevailing cannabis that hits you with the intensifying range of 22 to 27 percent within its THC content.
  • This weed had garnered the infamous spot when it was televised on the show Most Expensive Shit, a web series, with the rapper 2 Chainz after he rolled it with some rolling paper in 24k-gold.
  • It has the dominant undertone of pine, tropical, and citrus as the terpene and aroma that you can delightedly savor.
  • A fact has been spread over that only little information has gathered around this weed due to the fact that producers straightly put it in the can to directly cure it, instead of keeping it long under some conditions that will lead to the best result.
  • The Isla OG weed has the spade shape within its appearance, and its size plays around the medium level.
  • The value of the Isla OG weed sets out to $800, plus you have to include a bit of additional money for the rolling paper.


  • The J1 weed a well known top-rack mixture of cannabis that will bring out your pocket full in cash to spend for it. Certainly, the prices of the J1 weed matters on what area this has been sold.
  • J1 weed is so expensive in light of the fact that the covering of it looks like crystals together with the upbeat delivery of the Sativa content. More then, this weed leans more on the Sativa side than the Indica.
  • One of the best hits you can manifest on the J1 weed is that it helps you savor your day in a brilliant tone as being relaxed and focused are the main key of its potency.
  • This weed is genuinely strong, highlighting around 22 percent of THC on the average side. If you are a novice user, you may see this weed a little as excessively loud or strong, making this best for veteran users than first-timers.
  • If you are situated in Los Angeles, this weed can be bought at $350 per ounce. Additionally, the seed cost is over or around $175, and the clone cost is over or around $250. 

Kosher Kush

  • Kosher Kush weed is shortly called as “KK” strain, and this bud is infamous with its Indica content higher than the Sativa and is identified to be related to the Loud Dream weed.
  • This weed is the subdued down variant covering the 25 percent content in the THC level.
  • This highlights the inspiring feeling plus the increasingly energetic buzzes that will take your skills to another level.
  • The Kosher Kush weed can be bought at around or over $200 per ounce, the seed cost is over or around $150, and the clone cost is over or around $250. 

Loud Dream

  • Through backcrossing the Blue Dream with another Blue Dream, it resulted in an Indica prevailing high, which is the Loud Dream weed.
  • In spite of the fact that the name recommends you to send in a potent rest, dreaming deeply, this also brings you the effects of cerebral buzzes that balance your thoughts and sentiments.
  • The THC content of the Loud Dream weed has not been formally tested, yet most make note that it run at around 14 to 16 percent. Despite the fact that the THC content is higher than the normal average, the impacts are not too strong or embodying the psychoactive impacts.
  • A sweet undertone is the smell of the Loud Dream weed, and its bud is so dense, and at the same time, it is thick. Way back in one of the cities in California is the origin of this weed.
  • The Loud Dream weed stands gladly in the center of the expensive price list that plays around $800 per ounce.

The Oracle

  • The Oracle weed is labeled to be just the same with the AC/DC cannabis strain, which most likely does not contain the 45 percent within the THC content.
  • Furthermore, it does not presumably develop into a confounding proportion of 2:1 within the THC and CBD content.
  • This weed may not garner the hyper-psychoactive cannabis that was guaranteed from before, but it still accompanies you with a major portion of the CBD content, which the cannabinoid that is responsible for inflammations and physical torments.
  • Due to its high content in CBD, The Oracle weed plays around the price of $1,000 in each clone you wanted to buy. However, some controversies had happened that draws the price of this weed into a lower at some point.

White Fire OG

  • Breeding the Fire OG strain with The White strain resulted in the White Fire OG weed. The THC content of this weed plays at around 30 percent.
  • White Fire OG strain is named to be one of the most grounded weeds in the cannabis industry.
  • In spite of the fact that this weed is especially high-yielding, it also tends to go quickly when a particular situation that somebody discovers this weed at a reasonable price. If you are situated in California, the cost of this bud is around or at an exact $640 per ounce.


  • XJ-13 weed is the resulting weed when the G-13 and the renowned Jack Herer has been bred.
  • This weed, XJ-13, is believed to have higher content in the cannabinoid’s content, which is the THCV compared to the other weeds.
  • The THCV contents are the responsible elements that will ease diabetes and deals with metabolic issues.
  • Notwithstanding, this weed is rapidly building up its reputation for being one of the uncommon weed the does not incite you to have more munchies. However, this may vary in regards to your body reaction and the levels you are taking in. 
  • This weed has garnered the Ferrari within the cannabis world because it comes so fast yet lets you feel loose and good at all. Additionally, it infuses you the easygoing type of effects that arouses your mood and personalities to simply way with the things being thrown at you.
  • In particular, XJ-13 is a brilliant daytime weed as this alleviates moderate chronic and normal pain along with easing interminable stress. It also highlights the impacts around its THC content that falls at 22 percent. 
  • An energetic weed this will incite you, and it can be bought at over or around $375 per ounce. 


In the direction that weeds have been legalized throughout some places, you may tend to savor the most of it despite how much it cost. As then, you wanted to cover the idea of delighting the things like there’s no tomorrow cause no one can tell if it will still be available or not in the next few days. So, buy yours now at marijuana seeds.

Knowing the list on the most expensive weed in the world doesn’t stoop down the idea of not utilizing it due to the price. The content, materials used, and all the characteristics of a single weed differ that its cost is just beyond what they can give. As such, do not hesitate to move in spending on your wants but with some restrictions.