Monster Cropping Method for Expert Weed Growers

Monster cropping is a strong technique of making enormous shoots from flowering marijuana plants. Monster cropping is also recognized as a flowering clone, but it is not as well known as other training methods. However, it sometimes results in extraordinary harvests. 

In order to have the greatest outcomes, proper understanding is important, and a little of a cultivating encounter. As such, in this write-up, we will talk about all the things that are needed to know regarding monster cropping. When we know the fundamentals, we can put in an application this technique with credence.

Monster Cropping: How to do it?

By removing the sprouting clones and placing them again to vegetation, we make a group of plants with a lot of colas. In consequence, its denomination is a suitable elucidation of what to anticipate if we exercise it. In monster cropping, that is correctly what we will have, big plants, which manufacture monster shoots.

It is not quintessential to remove clones from flowering marijuana, and a lot of experts would narrate that it is not a great actor. Nonetheless, cultivators who attempt it love the huge outcomes and the science backing this method sees to it. 

Before we begin to lay hold of clones, it is great to peruse on the process to keep away from mistakes. Fundamentally, the procedure is similar, excluding that in monster cropping, we lay hold of the trimmings while the herb is sprouting. Nonetheless, let us check some important information to assist us knows a lot.

Know the Fundamentals

Monster cropping can be the ground to substantial stress to the marijuana plant. Trimming good sides of it to sprout the clones puts an enormous responsibility on its entire health. If not properly completed, it can debilitate the herb and even be the ground for it to cease sprouting.

Stress Revitalizes Marijuana

With curiosity, if completed correctly, the results of stress can be advantageous to the herbs because it can prompt the development of wanted traits. This comprises the strongest growth of foliage and boughs and a lot of nodes as well as shoot sites. 

Above all, experts have confidence that the stress acknowledgment of marijuana plants is to launch enormous levels of THC. Also, this is the factor why training methods sometimes manufacture high standard cannabis.

Monster Cropping is not for all weed

Unluckily, because of the upheaval of the herbs, monster cropping is acceptable just for regular photoperiod weeds. Nevertheless, they require sufficient time to recuperate from destruction. Fortunately, regular weeds have a long life period that assists them to have a lot of time to cure and complete flowering. 

Choosing the right weed is an important aspect of monster cropping. Please be assured of seeing the photoperiod seeds before doing so. On the other hand, auto-flowering selections need just a few weeks to sprout that is not perfect for trimming out clones. Consequently, it is greater not to put into practice the high-stress techniques such as monster cropping on plants like them. Nevertheless, they can take every kind of low-stress techniques such as LST, SCROG as well as super cropping.

Monster Cropping: The Methods

Monster Cropping Indoors

Adequate with everything about the theory of monster cropping – let us begin practicing the method. Below are the steps on how to monster crop weed indoors. In the same manner, it results in victorious outcomes outdoors. Monster cropping is more helpful indoors. As what indoor marijuana cultivator understands, it is hard to make as large as possible in each inch of room and illumination in an indoor system. Mostly, the herbs do not have a balanced amount of illumination, so some of them will be flowering, and in the same manner, others are still in the vegetative phase.

Tools and Equipment Needed

  • Razor-sharp scissor, knife, or scalpel
  • Alcohol wipes to sanitize the tools
  • Glass or pot with water for immersing the trimmings
  • Rooting gel
  • Rockwool cubes and perlite


1. Select the best flowering marijuana plant

In the middle of the second week of flowering, find your best sample – one, which has matured well and high. When you have lots of weeds, you could choose several trimmings in every weed to know which herbs become the best. Please be assured that the herbs you are getting from are healthy and do not show any indications of disease and deficiency. 

2. Take Trimmings

Have your scissors or knife and provide them an instant clean using alcohol to sanitize. The state of being clean will hugely assist your cloning prosperity. Go to your selected flowering herb and choose a lower bough. These normally root quicker compared to boughs above. Quickly trim diagonally across the stalk to have the trimming. A diagonal trim gives a lot of exterior areas for the trimming to lay hold of the water and nutrients as well as for the radicles to sprout. Once again, have an assurance to have more trimmings than you require. Anticipate no less than 25% of your clones not to take root. Sanitize your equipment every trim you do.

3. Root the trimmings

Instantly after having each trimming, put the stalk to the pot with water. The water will secure the trim and stop air from getting in, which would, on the other hand, destroy your clone. As a substitute, you can utilize a rooting gel as an alternative to water. You may desert the trimming in the pot up until radicles appear, or you may put into a rooting medium like Rockwool cubes or perlite.

4. Re-vegetate your clones

To have your clones again to a vegetative phase, you must adjust their illumination stage appropriately. The majority of the cultivators opt for an 18/6 time frame; however, any from 18 to 24 hours of illumination will prosper. If your clones begin to re-vegetate, they will sprout strangely and have round foliage as well as many boughs. This odd sprouting stage can stay up to 21 to 28 days.

Monster Cropping Outdoors

Monster cropping may also be completed outdoors, where it gives a big benefit. When you cultivate in a hot climate and have not frosted, you can attain two harvests in one season. Below are the steps.

1. Plant your seeds

When you carry out your pip during winter, the long nights will place your herbs to flowering as soon as they fuse. When you wish to expand the vegetative time to put on some measurements to your clone, you may boost with a bit illumination, which you turn on for one hour or every night. This interference in the dark time will stop your plants from flowering.

When you cultivate in temperature with infrequent frost during winter, store your plants indoors below a vegetative illumination phase, then put them outdoors when there is no possibility of frost. When you can do this method early during the year, they will be back to flowering before the days become longer again. When it is still very chilly during this period, it is not sufficiently good of the possibility of damaging your plants.

2. Harvest your marijuana

Your initial group of shoots will be set for cropping in early spring before sunlight savings. In the same manner that you are taking up your bags, in the middle of March, the days will be long enough for your clones to re-vegetate. 

3. Second Cultivating Season

When your clones have obtained abundance, they will normally develop to the flowering stage when the seasons alter. With that, you can crop them in a normal period in the fall. And because of that, you can have your second harvest in a single cultivating season. 

Monster Cropping and the SCROG

To make the best use of the commodity of your hard work, you can mix monster cropping to the SCROG technique. To any significant marijuana cultivator, this creates several feelings since applying SCROG is simple and extremely efficacious. Rest assured that this mixture would make hefty boughs of monster shoots in the shortest period.

Final Notions

Having lay hold of clones, having them to the radicle, topping, and applying SCROG is not precisely the gaping novice to marijuana growing. Nevertheless, monster cropping can be only what seasoned cultivators require pushing manufacturing to the next stage. It is just one of the greatest steps to have the whole benefits of your obtainable growing area. 

With that, when you have the expertise and are not scared to place a knife on your marijuana, you must certainly devour monster cropping. For sure, the outcomes will be satisfying.