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Moby Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Moby Marijuana Seeds is a very potent THC strain that’s resistant to molds with high yields. It is aa sweet strain with eucalyptus and vanilla overtones. It can give you massive yields even reaching 1500 grams per square meter indoors. You can cultivate this indoors or outdoors and is a blessing for beginner growers.

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More About Moby (Regular)

High-yielding Mold-resistant Cannabis

This high-THC strain is a crossbreed of Sativa Haze and the famous White Widow, which is known for its great power. The Haze parent gives way to cerebral stimulation. If you want to create an amazing plant that will deliver a charged buzz, you’ve got to choose Moby regular cannabis seeds.

This marijuana strain is resistant to mold resistance, giving growers high yields. It’s not surprising anymore why Moby is one of the favorite cannabis strains to grow. It has a sweet citrus aroma due to its Haze genetics, dominating the palate with eucalyptus and vanilla notes.

Moby provides massive yields, and according to reports, some growers even reach 1,500 grams of harvest per square meter. Also, you’ll be impressed with the THC concentration of this marijuana strain, which is high as 20 percent. Moby Dick can grow both indoors or outdoors. Seasoned growers can benefit much from this cannabis hybrid.

1 review for Moby Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Edmundo Funes

    Well, the flowering was fantastic, and it grew 15cm every day under the same light, almost reaching a meter and a half in the middle of flowering. It did branch well as it regained strength in the last period of flowering and started to develop more arms all over the place. As I smoke it, the aroma of eucalyptus and vanilla fills my apartment. I got a bit dizzy, but I already got used to it; I also learned something that makes it attractive for me since I suffer from discomfort when I smoke another strain, and for me this strain can help me surpass it. But no, it has the opposite effect; it relaxes my airways and has a long-lasting effect. Quality and efficiency!

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