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Marijuana Use in HIV and AIDS Patients

There have been numerous research projects and studies conducted on the possible benefits that smoking weed can provide to patients that have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Data from clinical trials was published by Columbia University Investigators in 2007 that showed cannabis to be extremely effective for increasing the appetite and food intake of patients with HIV and AIDS.

These patients also showed no signs of cognitive performance impairment or discomfort. This clearly suggests that there are positive benefits that people with HIV can acquire through the medicinal use of marijuana.

It was also found in a study performed at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine in 2008 that neuropathic pain could effectively be reduced in patients that were already on a plan for pain management when they smoked cannabis as well. It was also stated that smoking weed may also benefit the patients that were finding no relief from other medications they had been prescribed.

There were also several other issues of patients in the study treatment were improved after the use of marijuana, and these included such problems as physical disability, mood disturbance, and their overall quality of life.

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