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Medical Cannabis Have an Effect on Brain Tumors

Brain cancer is a very serious disease that can be included with the wide range of other health conditions and diseases that smoking marijuana can be used as a beneficial treatment. According to data that was obtained from a study performed at the Complutense University of Madrid, the chemicals that are contained in cannabis actually have the ability to kill cancerous cells found within the brain.

This is because the chemicals in weed cause the process called autophagy to occur. This is a process that causes the cancer cells in the brain to begin feedin on one another.

By analyzing brain tissue using an electron microscope both before and after THC treatment was introduced for approximately 30 days, studies showed that the THS from weed completely eliminated the cells that were cancerous and did not affect the cells that were not cancerous.

Not only did the THC contained in weed show to be beneficial in mice that had cancer cells from a human brain, but it also showed to be just as beneficial in humans that had brain tumors. Another factor found in the study was there were no toxic effects the patients noticed during the treatment study using THC.

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