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Maui Wowie Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Maui Wowie auto strain is an indica dominant hybrid with a genetic ratio of 70% indica, 20% sativa and ruderalis 10% with an average THC level at 15%. It is an autoflowering strain that is famous for its invigorating scent and uses in teas. It provides that  energizing booster, uplifting, focus high to start your day without the sedative effects.  It has a unique flavor of sweet lemon and piney aftertaste. It has an aroma that is slightly pungent with earthy and piney undertones. It is ideal for day time and afternoon usage

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Maui Wowie Auto Cannabis Strain Specs

Type:  Indica 70%,  Sativa 20% and Ruderalis 10%

Genetics Parents:  unknown

Flowering Period:  9 to 10 weeks

Climate:  Tropical, Sunny

Yield:  400 grams per square feet indoors, 50 to 180 grams per plant outdoors

Flavors:  Sweet, Pine, Pineapple

THC Level:   15%

CBD Level:   0.01%

Height:  170 cm

Harvest Period: Early to Mid October

Growing Difficulty:   Easy

What are the Effects and Flavor of Maui Wowie Auto Strain

Maui Wowie auto marijuana strain has a flavorful invigorating profile. Its aroma is a mix of sweet pine  with earthy, pineapple undertones. Its flavors have pine and with a hint of lemon tones. Its flavorful profile makes a perfect balance of pine and sweet, lemony aftertaste that tokers would not be disappointed. It has that smooth and pleasant toke you would want to go back for more.    It is suitable for indoors propagation. 

Maui wowie auto ganja strain has that average THC that reached 15% and is one of moderate potent strains that provides that intense cerebral, energetic, uplifting, happy high and calms the mind and body without the sedative effects.  It also provides a mood altering euphoric, uplifting high,  focus vibes that helps pick up your early morning productivity.  Its strongest effects are uplifting centered on the mind that provides that extra energy for daytime tasks.  After that high,  it  gradually relaxes and calms the body without that sedative effect.      It is best for that day time and afternoon usage. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Maui Wowie Auto Strain?

Maui Wowie auto marijuana strain helps alleviate both mental and physical disorders.  It provides that euphoric, uplifting, energy high and focus that gradually relaxes and calms body without that couchlock effect.  It has  mood altering, uplifting happiness and creative effects  that are suitable to treat  depression, bipolar, stress, and anxiety. Its calming and relaxing effects are also suitable  to treat chronic body pains, migraines, arthritis, fatigue, sore muscles, muscle spasms and nausea.   This strain is also suitable to treat eating disorders like anorexia and to cancer patients who have after effects of chemotherapy and cobalt treatments. It helps improve the patient’s appetite. 

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Maui Wowie Auto Strain

Maui Wowie auto cannabis strain has some adverse effects of cotton mouth and dry, itchy eyes. It can be easily managed through  proper hydration. It is best to hydrate before, during and after usage. For dry eyes, it is recommended to have a bottle of moisturizer for the eyes to prevent dryness and itchy eyes. 

How to Grow Maui Wowie Auto Strain

Maui Wowie auto marijuana strains are easy to propagate for novice and  experienced cultivators.   This strain is mostly resistant to molds, mildews  and pests. It can be cultivated for indoors and outdoors. It thrives in a tropical and sunny environment.    It has a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks with harvesting period in early to mid October.  For indoor propagation, It is best to keep temperature at 75 to 85 degrees fahrenheit and would yield at least 400 grams per square feet.    For outdoor propagation, it is best to use organic soil and will yield at least 50 to 180 grams per plant.  


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  1. John Andrew Malcolm

    The seeds are worth every penny. The exceptional quality ensures successful growth, whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener.

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