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In some areas of Wales the penalty for a person that is found guilty of possessing a small personal amount of marijuana is only a minor punishment and in some cases it will often involve the requirement of attending some type of diversion program.

Special programs like this are often used to try to divert the person’s way of thinking off of the use of weed with the use of educational tools. In some cases there are other programs that are also used which involve assessment and sometimes a short stay in a treatment facility. When the police have stopped a person that has on their possession a small amount of up to 15 grams of cannabis or less, they have the power to make their own decision on whether or not to charge the person with up to two warnings.

There are several men and women that would prefer to eliminate the risk of being charged with any type of crime that choose to simply plant their own garden after they order or buy marijuana seeds. In several cases growing marijuana is done indoors at a person’s residence, and there are many others that choose to plant weed plants outdoors.

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