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Can Breast Cancer Patients Benefit from Marijuana Use?

Along with a wide range of medical testing, studies, and research projects that are continuously performed in regards to effective treatments for breast cancer, the benefits that the use of marijuana might provide to breast cancer patients is also being studied.

Professionals at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute conducted a study in 2007 in regards to the properties of marijuana and breast cancer. Information gathered showed that CBD or cannabidiol, which is an element that makes up as much as 40% of the extracts of the cannabis plant, may be able to stop this deadly form of cancer from traveling to other parts of the body.

As an alternative to chemotherapy, smoking weed will provide the patients the same benefits without them having to experience the uncomfortable and painful side effects that are associated with chemotherapy.

When cancer cells spreads in an aggressive manner to other areas away from where the original tumor started, the process is called metastasis, and the gene that is responsible for this action is known as Id-1. According to the information obtained in this research, the CBD that is obtained from cannabis shows to actually be able to block the actions of this harmful gene.

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