Marijuana Turkey

Turkey is a country where marijuana is strictly controlled by the government, but this is not cannabis that is able to be smoked or contains THC, this is seeds only. Marijuana for smoking is illegal in Turkey and if caught with an amount of 12.5 grams or less it is a legal requirement to attend rehab one time per week and to be subjected to mandatory drug screens. Not subjecting to the mandatory drug screens can result in being sent to prison for one year. The drug screening will last according to the current laws for a period of six months, for a first offense. The alternative to submitting to the mandatory drug screening for six months and attending the rehab once per week will be a sentence of one year in jail.

Being caught in possession of 12.5 grams of marijuana or less, more than one time will stiffen the requirements or the imposed jail time. If a person is in possession of more than 12.5 grams the punishment is harsher, including not just the mandatory drug screening and rehab, but will usually carry jail time.  Anyone arrested for large quantities of marijuana will be charged with drug trafficking will face a long jail sentence.

The cultivation of cannabis that is known as hemp is controlled by the Turkish government and the seeds are the only part of the plant that can be possessed and is used to spice foods. The marijuana laws while strict have not deterred pot smokers, growers or advocates that want the current drug laws changed. Currently, to date the current marijuana laws remain in place making it illegal to smoke, grow or possess pot.