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Marijuana Seeds Discount Promo

To give you the best experience when you buy marijuana seeds from us, we offer you discount promos in our website. Repeat customers will have a chance to get some discount codes to use to get some promo. Aside from that, we also have some discount codes that we will be giving away to customers in special occasions only. If you spend over $100 for seeds excluding shipping fees, you will receive 10 regulars or 5 feminized marijuana seeds together with your order.


(10 Seeds)

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Jock Horror
(10 Seeds)

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White Widow Feminized
(10 Seeds)

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Marijuana Seeds Discount Promo Special

What are your discount promo special?

We have promo codes that we will give away to select occasions and select customers (especially those who are very loyal to us). We have announced and unannounced promo discounts.

How can I benefit from your discount promo special?

You can benefit from the savings you can get and from the free extras of high quality premium cannabis seeds that will come in your mail together with your order. We do not send out mediocre quality. Just because they are for free doesn’t mean that they are high quality. We are sending them to impress you and not to discourage you for buying again.

If I order marijuana seeds in bulk, can I get discounts?

Contact us to learn about the details. If you buy $500 worth of seeds then it’s not considered as bulk order. If you order more than that, then you can call us or chat with us.

Do I need a medical marijuana card or prescription before I can order your seeds?

You don’t need one. Just order from us and we will ship your marijuana seeds in the soonest time possible.

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