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Marijuana seeds California

Using Marijuana in the state of California

The use of marijuana in California is legal. Both for recreational and medicinal purposes have been legalized in this state. Even buying seeds and the cultivation of these seeds are legal in California, as long as they follow a set of guidelines set by the state. California voters have spoken and passed Propositions 215and 64 which allows the use, possession, and cultivation of medical marijuana and non-medical marijuana. This states that adults 21 years and over may legally use, possess, and cultivate marijuana.

It is the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch under the California Department of Public Health that regulates the manufacturing of commercial marijuana and the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing under the California Department of Agriculture who screens and grants licenses to cultivators.

Possession of Cannabis in California

Marijuana may be purchased in any state-licensed dispensary. If you want to be discreet you could have it delivered to your homes, if you want to be more discreet you may order seeds online and do your own cultivating, as this is legally allowed within the state. Medical Marijuana users are issued Medical Marijuana Identification cards which they may present to the dispensary when making a purchase,

However, smoking weed cannot be done in public and away from the view of children in public places. Business places or worksyes may apply for a cannabis consumption license for them to be able to allow weed smoking in theirplace of business, and those caught smoking or even vaping in designated areas for non-smokers will be accountable and fined. It is also illegal to consume weed inside your own car. Any form of soking inside a vehicle is considered illegal even if you are all alone in a vehicle.  The same holds true for public transportation such as buses, subway trains, etc Finally, riding a bike at the same time smoking cannabis is illegal.

Although marijuana is considered legal in California for adults 21 years and above, there is a limit to the quantity one should posses at any given time. A single adult may possess or buy up to 28.35 grams or 1 ounce of cannabis, and for cannabis concentrate, one may possess up to 8 grams at any given time. Adults 21 and above may also cultivate their own weed seeds at home with a maximum of 6 plants (irregardless of maturity level) per household. For medical cannabis users, as long as they have a valid qualifying doctor's recommendation, they may grow even more than six. These medical cannabis patients may also transport dried cannabis up to 226.8 grams or 6 mature plants or 12 marijuana seedlings.

The legal consumers may carry marijuana in their mode of transportation as long as it is n a sealed container, or in the trunk of their vehicle. It is not advisable for medical cannabis users to give away any of their medical marijuana especially if the recipient is not a legal and recognized medical marijuana patient.

Exceeding any of these limitations on marijuana usage, transport and possession will have corresponding fines and charges. These charges may be from misdemeanor charges to serving jail time, depending on the amount of weed caught.

Medical Marijuana Registry

The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP) was created by the California Department of Public Health to give medical marijuana users a valid Marijuana ID Card. This card contains the name of medical cannabis user as well as their primary caregivers. This would greatly assist the patients and their caregivers to avoid the hassle of being interrogate by the authorities if they are seen in possession of cannabis. Thse patents must apply to get this card and pay the fee for entering the medical marijuana program. Usually, the card has a validity of one year.

Even when cultivating marijuana at home, the ID card once presented to the questioning authorities will ensure the patient that they are free from arrest or go through the hassle of persistent questioning.

California has set a list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana usage. These are the following in random order:

  • Migraine
  • Anorexia
  • Seizures
  • Cachexia,
  • Severe nausea
  • Galucoma
  • Chronic pain
  • AIDS
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Any other chronic or persistent medical condition that limits the ability of the patient to conduct one or more major life activities

Applying for a Medical Marijuana ID

  • need to get a written certification from a practicing doctor confirming the qualifying medical condition, and that medical cannabis is needed to treat said disorder.
  • The medical marijuana patient must download an application form from the Medical marijuana ID registration site online,
  • The medical marijuana patient must fill up the application and name a designated a caregiver if needed. 
  • The patient must go the his county health department and must submit the application. He must show a proof of residency in said county and a valid copy of a government-issued identification card.


For those entities who want to enter into the marijuana business, they must be registered under the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. This is for all marijuana related transactions, from distribution, to retailing, or setting up your own private cannabis testing lab, microbusiness and even cannabis theed events. Licensing is done online and forms for each type of business is easily downloadable from the BCC site online

So if you are a resident of California and you are planning to grow and smoke your own weed at home, there is no need to worry about getting caught. This is because recreational and medicinal cannabis is legal anywhere in California. Just as long as you are aware of all the limitations pertaining to the amount you may possess, distribute, transport or even cultivate in your own backyard, then you will be safe from the prying eyes of the authorities. Limits are set or regulated to keep the proliferation of its usage and possible criminal actions that may occur while under the influence of weed at a low level. If you don't want to the public to know you are using cannabis, either for recreational purposes or for medicinal purposes, the different dispensaries located ll over the state offers delivery services. Or another option is to order the seeds online and grow them out yourself. Nothing is more gratifying than smoking your own home grown cannabis produce,, so what are you waiting for? go click that button and try out the different cannabis seeds offered!!

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