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Marijuana Seeds from Portugal

Portugal is one of the countries that are quite tolerant when it comes to the men and women of the area that choose to buy and smoke marijuana for their own personal use.

As a matter of fact, according to the law ‘30/2000’, the personal use of weed was decriminalized as of July 2001. There are specific limits however on the amount of cannabis that any one person can possess at a time for their own personal use.

As long as men and women of Portugal make certain that the amount of weed they possess remains under the specified limit of 25 grams, then they do not have to worry with being charged with any kind of stiff penalties. This is simply because in this country, the possession of THC is not viewed by authorities as being a criminal offense.

Because of the fact that in some cases a person can be required to enroll in mandatory treatment and their cannabis can be seized, there are some people in Portugal that choose to be discreet with smoking and growing marijuana for their personal use. Many others are relaxed with growing plants outdoors and indoors because of the lax attitudes authorities have on marijuana use.

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