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Netherlands / Holland

Marijuana Seeds from Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the more lenient countries for the use of marijuana, including the purchase of cannabis in specialized coffee shops. The person purchasing marijuana must be at least eighteen years of age, but the sale or purchase of marijuana anyplace else is illegal. Cannabis can be grown at home, within certain limits, this is five plants and adults can possess a maximum of 5 grams.

The coffee shops that sell marijuana cannot be within 250 meters of a school and outdoor use of marijuana is prohibited. While marijuana is not legal in outdoor use, it is tolerated within reason in most places. There are certain districts where marijuana has been declared a Cannabis Free Zone and one of these is a district in Amsterdam known as De Baarsjes. These free zones were put into place due to the use of marijuana being a nuisance to inhabitants of certain areas. To let cannabis users know they are in a free zone there have been three different signs that were designed by Hans Bos and are only displayed in areas of Amsterdam.

The current policies on the use and sale of marijuana have been challenged due to tourism causing a ban of sales of weed to tourists taking effect in the end of 2011, which was proposed in the city of Maastricht. In May of 2011 it was determined by the government that coffee shops selling cannabis will need to operate like a private club, allowing between 1,000 and 1,500 members. The requirements to be a member will include being a Dutch resident, holding a membership card and filling out an application. The one other part of this new legislation for marijuana purchase and use is that the applicant is only permitted to be a member of one club.

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